Wednesday, September 21, 2011


(AP, AFP, Reuters) - Today and every September 21st is International Day of Peace aka World Peace Day.  The world is commemorating this day to try and bring harmony to the world, which as we know is full of conflict.  The U.N. says the day provides an opportunity for individuals, groups and nations to conduct practical acts for peace every Sept. 21.  It was unanimously adopted by the United Nations as Peace Day in 1981, the release continued, adding that it is internationally accepted as an invitation to all people and nations to cease hostilities for the day. The 2011 Peace Day theme is “Let Your Voice Be Heard.”  However, Word Peace Day is celebrated amid increased political violence in many countries.  For instance, former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani was killed Tuesday evening by a man who had claimed he was a Taliban leader wanting to reconcile with the Afghan government.

The man who assassinated Rabbani insisted on meeting face-to-face with the ex-president and waited in Kabul for days to talk with him about brokering peace with the Taliban.  Mohammad Ismail Qasemyar, the international relations adviser for the peace council, said the suicide bomber, identified as Esmatullah, had approached several council officials, telling them that he was an important figure in the Taliban insurgency and would only speak directly with Rabbani.  The bomber stayed at a house used for guests of the peace council while waiting for Rabbani to return from a trip to Iran.  On Tuesday, the two met and the attacker went to shake hands with Rabbani at his home, bowing his head near the former president’s chest and detonating a bomb hidden in his turban, Qasemyar said.

Today the world celebrates the World Peace Day.  Through different kind of events, many organizations around the world appeal people of different ages and races to revive the principle of peace in the world and embody the true meaning of brotherhood and co-operation.  While this was happening a suicide bomber - disguised as a Taliban who wants to reach peace - waited days to meet and kill the former Afghanistan president using explosives concealed under his turban.  All of us need to contribute to a world more peaceful than the one we live in.

Though the vocation of each individual is different, everyone’s goal is the same - the attainment of peace. If we ignore the Emperor of Peace and simply devote ourselves to worldly duties or to our work, thinking that peace will come to us through material learning, wealth or riches, then we are destined to fall into the pit of misery. The consequences of this attitude are clear - people are becoming more and more selfishly oriented and thus actually ignoring the interests of their society and country. They have forgotten that the struggle for enjoyment or renunciation is not the essential struggle in life. We achieve real enjoyment by renouncing our own selfish interest in favor of higher purposes like society, country and God.  The real struggle in life is to find a harmonious relationship between enjoyment and renunciation. ... If we do this, we can make our lives successful. 

Śrīla Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan Mahārāja :
“Sanatan Hindu Dharma - The Way to Harmony”


Vapir No2 Vaporizer said...

World Peace Day activities planned throughout the capital, including a concert by famous Afghan female singer, Farhad Darya, has been canceled.

dasavatara das said...

Yes, you're right. Pitifully, instead of a Peace Festival Day was a National Mourning Day.