Sunday, September 25, 2011


TO KEEP MOSQUITOES AWAY - Even as people of Kerala have no other option but to use a mosquito repellent if at all they want to sleep, the toxicity of the repellents is a constant worry.  A fully ayurvedic non-toxic repellent developed by the Asha Workers in Udayamperoor panchayat seems to be the answer to that problem.  The repellent contains herbs, which, when fumed in coconut shells or earthen pot kill mosquitoes instantly, but is believed to be toxic free. “The fumes of this unique mix have no health hazards. It is safe for even those suffering from diseases like acute asthma,” said M K Anilkumar, ward member of 19th ward Udayamperoor panchayat.  The kits are being distributed free of cost in his ward.  “We are planning to distribute the mix to other parts of the panchayat also through Asha workers,” the government official said.

The Kochi Corporation and Tripunithura municipality are engaged in routine fogging which is not enough to control mosquitoes.  Also, the highly toxic fog is considered hazardous to health.  “The method of fogging is quite unscientific and can create many health problems,” said Harish CG, who was forced to stop his morning walk because of the fogging in the early hours.  
It is against this backdrop that the Health and Hygiene Committee of Udayamperoor panchayat has come out with the ayurvedic solution.  Dr P Prabhakaran, an ayurveda doctor, inaugurated the mission against mosquitoes by giving the medicinal kits to the residents.

Mosquitoes are vicious in Kerala and municipality routinely fog to keep mosquitoes away, and one must use a mosquito repellant in order to sleep.  However the toxicity of these methods is a constant worry, so a herbal ayurvedic repellent has now been developed.  For many centuries it has been known that fumigating the house with smoke of dried neem leaves, in evenings for 1-2 minutes, is also an excellent ayurvedic method.  In this material world we have three sources of affliction, and mosquitoes and other venomous insects are included in one of them.

No one can claim that he is not suffering. That is not possible.  In this material world, there are three kinds of suffering: adhyātmika, adhibhautika, and adhidaivika.  These are miseries arising from the material body and mind, from other living entities, and from the forces of nature.  We may suffer mental anguish, or we may suffer from other living entities - from ants or mosquitoes or flies - or we may suffer due to some superior power. There may be no rain, or there may be flood.  There may be excessive heat or excessive cold.  So many types of suffering are imposed by nature.  Thus there are three types of miseries within the material world, and everyone is suffering from one, two, or three of them.  No one can say that he is completely free from suffering.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
“The Science of Self-Realization”
2. “Choosing a Spiritual Master”

2.1 “What is a Guru?”

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