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FATAL HEART ATTACK, STUDY FINDS - Obese men face a dramatically higher risk of dying from a heart attack, regardless of whether or not they have other known risk factors for cardiovascular disease, a new study reveals.  The finding stems from an analysis involving roughly 6,000 middle-aged men, and it suggests that there is something about carrying around excess weight that contributes to heart disease independent of risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and arterial disease.  What exactly that something is, however, remains unclear, although the researchers suggest that the chronic inflammation that typically accompanies significant weight gain might be the driving force behind the increased risk. 
“Obese, middle-aged men have a 60% increased risk of dying from a heart attack than non-obese middle-aged men, even after we cancel out any of the effects of cholesterol, blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors,” noted study author Jennifer Logue
Dr Logue is a clinical lecturer of metabolic medicine with the British Heart Foundation’s Cardiovascular Research Centre at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland. “This means (that) obesity itself may be causing fatal heart attacks through a factor that we have not yet identified.” 
The team confirmed the well-established theory that being obese is linked to a greater chance for having all of the classic risk factors linked to heart disease. Logue cautioned that further research is needed to confirm the findings, and to uncover the exact mechanism by which obesity itself is a risk factor for fatal heart attacks.

To explore the subject, Logue and her colleagues spent nearly 15 years tracking 6,082 male patients who were diagnosed with high cholesterol but had no history of either heart disease or diabetes. Even after ruling out relevant variables such as age and smoking history, the risk of death among obese men was still 75% higher than it was for non-obese men. “We need to find easier and more effective ways to help people lose weight and reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks,” Dr. Logue said. Western civilization should search into the ancient science of Yoga a viable solution to the serious problem of obesity.

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems of the modern age. It is the main cause for many serious, incurable and fatal diseases. Blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes and other dangerous diseases are caused due to obesity. It can be cured permanently with the intake of balanced food, proper life style and regular practice of yoga asanas. A few asanas very useful for overcoming obesity are: “Dwichakrikasana”, this is the best exercise to reduce weight in a very short time. It gives proper shape to the stomach, activates the intestines and cures constipation, dysentery, acidity etc. “Padvritasana”, it reduces the fat accumulated in the hips, thighs and waist and gives proper shape to the stomach. “Ardha Halasana”, it is especially useful to reduce weight. It makes the intestines flexible and healthy, increases the fire of the stomach and cures constipation, gas and obesity. :
“Yogic Remedy for Obesity”
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