Monday, March 12, 2012


"BUNGEE JUMPING" FROM A CRANE - In Argentina, two youths of 25 and 27 years died after their heads collided in the air after being thrown from a crane with harnesses, from 25 yards when practicing bungee jumping in the locality of La Reja, Moreno, police said. The spokesman said the agency DyN that the impact occurred last Saturday, after the victims bounced in a vacuum tied to the ankles with an elastic rope as part of the practice of extreme sports. The incident occurred in a country house placed on Alvarez Thomas street, Ruben Dario corner, where a crane for the construction of buildings had been erected in the early hours of Saturday. The deceased were identified by police sources as Marcelo Martinez, 25, and Alexis Papayani, 27, both residing in Buenos Aires city. One victim was killed instantly, while the other died in an ambulance, while he was being rushed to hospital in Moreno city.

According to reports, the couple's son who owns the country house planned to realize a venture related to bungee jumping and invited about ten friends to this place to test the crane and other elements provided for the activity. The youth had taken some preventive measures, such as the placement of an inflatable structure at the foot of the crane, because it is a high-risk sport. A neighbor, identified only as Martin, told the cable channel Todo Noticias (TN), that at noon on Saturday, cars started arriving and the country house, "when jumping, it looked like fun but later we found that something went wrong due to the movement of ambulances and scientific police arrived at the house, "explained the man. The bungee jumping, also known as goming, is an extreme sport in which those who practice it are thrown from a great height, such as high bridges, to bounce into space with an elastic rope tied from the ankles that allows, first, fall rapidly, and then break the fall to bounce in the air repeatedly.

In Argentina, Buenos Aires, Moreno district, two young men died while practicing "bungee jumping" from a crane.  They jumped tied to the same rope and due to the effect of the jumping itself their strings crossed and their heads clashed violently. One of them died instantly and the other on the way to hospital. This extreme sport is increasingly practiced and just for experience the frenzy of jumping into empty- nobody forces the jumpers to take the leap - you risk losing the valuable human life, and that's not a game.

Currently, it is imposed the general idea that “You have to enjoy the world.”  But the concept of enjoyment is dangerous, self-destructive and, in turn, it makes people to put their lives at risk.  More and more people spend large amounts of money on distractions that have no importance, just to satisfy their desires.  Some are poisoned themselves with drugs and alcohol, while others engage in activities that are constantly exposed their health and welfare.  In the rush to meet happiness artificially, man does foolish things, knowing from experience that is wrong and that ultimately end up disappointed. ... However, this type of activity sooner or later, discouraged artificially them, it is a pleasure so brief that fails to meet the expectations of enjoyment. ... We invite you to learn more about the spiritual life, which delivers a superior taste.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
“Dangerous Fun” - “Fictitious Happiness”

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