Wednesday, April 3, 2013


BUT DIFFICULT TO ERASE THE PAST - One’s present life will not all change at once because one still has some funds of good karma accumulated in reserve and one does not see the dark future one is preparing for oneself. As soon as these reserves of accumulated good karma run out, that horrible future takes over. It is easy to create the future but it is very difficult to erase the past. In fact one does not create one’s future, it is figurative and it would be more precise to say that one chooses the direction one wants to go in.  One does not create one’s evil fate but one steers oneself towards it. One decides only what direction one will take, that is all. 
Why does one have certain talents or one lacks in certain talents?  Why is one ill or healthy?  Why is one prone to accidents? Why is one liked or disliked?  Why is one active or disinterested in the life around oneself?  Why is one attached to morality or immorality?  Why is one attracted to spirituality or materialism?

The questions are answered by examining one’s karma or individual karma and its laws. What one sows in this hour is reaped by one’s posterity for several generations and one can then call it the karma of the family. What the men of today or community resolve upon and execute, comes back with a blessing or a curse upon the future of their race when they themselves have passed away and are no longer there to rejoice or to suffer, this can be called as karma of the nation. Mankind as a whole has a karma, which can be called as world karma, what is wrought in its past will shape its future destiny though individuals may come and go but the karma of the race which they have helped to form continues through time.
The working of the karmic forces can be better understood by having an understanding of the various levels of consciousness. For the sake of simplicity one may consider that there are three mind levels, the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious.

The law of karma continues birth after birth, and when there is a new creation, the same karma comes back with the living entities. This article was published by the Express News Service and was taken from the book “Life Beyond Death” by Anil Sharma. In his book, Sharma explains that each level of the mind plays a different role in one’s life. "The conscious mind, working in conjunction with the brain, is what takes care of one during one’s waking hours. The subconscious mind is that part which takes care of the physical body while the conscious mind sleeps. The subconscious mind is that part which is brought forth from one life time to the next according to the theory of rebirth. The superconscious mind is the life giving force or connecting link with God or one’s Creator."

The Bhagavad Gita, in many verses, elucidates on many aspects of reincarnation. ... It is incredible how the subconscious is full of past-life impressions. The living force in all life forms is the spirit soul, which is the eternal traveling essence of our being. The soul in its false egoistical state is covered by an astral body (made of mind, intelligence and subconscious sense of ego) and a physical body. The soul is equipped with a marvelous cognitive facility to enter a material environment to use and enjoy it. ... To finish with this repeated state of births and deaths the soul must not be polluted by the exploitative tendency by finishing with the false ego with its speculative intelligence and the desire for sensual enjoyment. One must focus on the Lord with all one’s conscious ability and ask for His mercy so that He may liberate one from the material condition.

Published by dasavatara das - "Vedic Views on World News"


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