Tuesday, April 9, 2013


www.change.org The international organization Change.org is petitioning Ministerio del Interior de España, Prime Minister of Spain, Spanish Embassy, and other government officials  to stop and ban the archaic event called "Toro Jubilo" which is a barbaric and sadistic cruelty against bulls. Change.org is asking people to sign an online petition which says: 
"Animal torture and burning bulls alive horrifies Western Culture. Animal cruelty is not acceptable as entertainment or tradition in the 21st Century. Yet the Toro Jubilo annually occurs in Medinaceli, a province of Soria, Spain. Jeering mobs ~ torture ~ a bull with balls of burning tar or  turpentine (called "pitch") attached to his horns. A bull’s horns, body and eyes are scorched. Some try to escape hours of agony by smashing into walls. While different cultures may not understand each others customs, all rational humans comprehend cruelty."

"Setting fire to a live animal - known as Toro de Fuego or “bull on fire” - is sadistic and hideous. Animal cruelty is never acceptable in any civilized culture, giving Spain a reputation as barbarians and hinders tourism. We see it as senseless, and makes us fearful of your people and Country representing a violent and dangerous nation that derive pleasure from torture and sadism. I will advise others to join me in a boycott of Spanish tourism and commerce until the Toro Jubilo and other blood fiestas are permanently banned. 
I urge Spanish officials to enforce stronger animal cruelty laws that shield animals from all forms of abuse, including vulgar rituals and blood fiestas. It is time for all regions of Spain to subscribe to the ethical doctrines that shape our civilized world. Heritage, entertainment, art and religion never justify outright torture. Thank you."

In Medinaceli, a picturesque town in the province of Soria, Spain, a "tradition" called "Toro Júbilo" brings shame on Spain. During the event, balls of tar are stuck onto the horns of a bull and set on fire. The burning bull is then released onto the streets and can do nothing but run around in pain. The agony the bull must suffer is unimaginable. These fiery balls can burn for hours, and they burn the bull's horns, body and eyes and cause tremendous stress - all while spectators cheer and run around the victim. What goes through the mind of the public who enjoy watching other living being suffering pains untold while dying? Support the Change.org campaign and sign the petition!

Every day thousands of animals are killed or abused indiscriminately with the following justifications: give a taste to our palate, filling the pockets of some money, experience some new cosmetic product, provide the ultimate in fashion by creating costumes based on skin or leather, for a traditional ritual or religious type (bullfights, fiestas, Santeria - religious rites, etc..), and finally, as a spectacle (circuses, zoos, etc.). The question is who gave us this right?  Some people ... are based on the fact that an animal does not reason, which is true, but neither does a baby; however, the animals do feel fear, anguish and pain when receiving abuse or realize that they are about to die. Just look at the behaviour of cows in the slaughterhouse lines. Perhaps an animal can not philosophize, but it can feel physical pain.

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