Thursday, October 11, 2012


POLICE TO PROSECUTE RAPE CASES - Hundreds of Kenyan girls, including some as young as three years old, filed a petition in the High Court in Meru (Kenya) on Thursday to try to force the police to investigate and prosecute rape cases they say have been ignored. The group of girls accuse police of demanding bribes to investigate rape, refusing to record rapes unless the victims produced witnesses, and claiming victims had consented. One in five women and girls are victims of sexual violence in Kenya, according to a 2008/9 government survey. 
Rape is rarely reported due to stigma and a lack of faith in the police and the criminal justice system, although Kenya has strong legislation to protect children from sexual assault. “Today is very significant,” said Mercy Chidi, one of the petitioners who runs Tumaini Girls Rescue Centre in Meru, some 240 km (150 miles) north-east of the capital Nairobi. 

“It is the first time in Kenya where we are holding the police accountable for failing to protect the girls, failing to enforce the laws that exist,” she said. Chidi told Reuters that one of the girls she rescued was locked in police cells and threatened by male officers after reporting that one of their colleagues had raped her. In another case, Chidi said the police refused to investigate allegations of incest, saying they wanted to wait until the girl gave birth to test the baby's DNA. 
One of the petitioners, a nine-year-old who declined to give her name, told Reuters at the Tumaini center that she was gang raped by three men who work in a shop near her home. She has been living in the rescue center for nine months because the men are threatening her family. Chidi said her lawyer would now serve the police commissioner with the petition, and await his response to it, at which stage the court would decide what the next step would be.

In a land where females are still considered property, a brave band of 159 young girls are taking class action against their government - and in the process forging a brighter future for women around the globe. A unique Canadian-African partnership launchs a legal test case which is being filed on behalf of Kenyan children between 3 and 16 years of age. They are suing the Kenyan government for failing to protect them from rape. “The fact that the perpetrators are not held accountable right now is really why there is this ongoing epidemic of rape of young girls,” said Fiona Sampson of The Equality Effect from Toronto. It is hoped that the case would change the way the police deal with rape.

By the time this takes place in Kali-yuga, child pornography, rape, and other sexual crimes will be out of control. Politicians and law officers will be bribed into impotence, some even participating in  and profiting from these perverse activities. Children will be fearlessly seized from the streets and hardly missed by their irresponsible parents. The depravity these young children will be forced to  endure will make death a welcome end. And those that survive will be so mentally damaged that they will wreak havoc on the rest of society. Adult and child slavery will be rampant and predominantly based on sex. It will be found mostly where people have the money to support it, which will be in the homes of the so-called wealthy and upper classes. There will be no human rights or justice and the world will be on the edge of disaster and ruin. In these circumstances, and when this type of men, women, and children are roaming the cities, you have a picture of hell on earth.

Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
 “The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future”
Vol. 3 - “Changes During Kali Yuga”
“The Depravity in Family Life ind Relations Between People”  -

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