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MORE THAN 2 MILES AWAY TO PAY VISIT - As John Dolan lay in a hospital bed at the Good Samaritan Medical Center  in Islip, N.Y., last Thursday, he got a phone call he least expected. A hospital employee, later identified as a man named Rick, told Dolan that he was standing outside the hospital with a white samoyed dog whose tag listed Dolan as the owner.  The man told Dolan he needed to come pick up the dog because he was late for work. Dolan, 46, said the dog was indeed his, but he couldn’t come right away because he was inside the hospital and his wife was asleep at their home, two miles away.
It was then that the two men wondered, how did Zander get so close to Dolan’s bedside, so many miles from home? “It’s not nonsense that he was at the hospital,” Dolan, resting at home with Zander by his side, told today. Zander is a 70-pound, approximately 7-year-old samoyed-husky mix that Dolan and his wife had rescued from a shelter five years ago who has a history of escaping. 

Once Dolan reached his wife, Priscilla, they realized that Zander must have slipped out the back door of their Bay Shore home after Priscilla Dolan took their other two dogs, a red shepherd named Sheba and a chocolate lab named Penny, out earlier that morning. Priscilla Dolan didn’t realize Zander was missing until she got her husband’s call for help.  She drove to the hospital to meet Rick and pick up Zander. 
The Dolan’s home is two miles from the hospital, but a “hard two miles,” according to Dolan, that includes a stream, a highway and tricky navigation through neighborhood streets. The hospital is also in a direction where Zander had never gone on his previous escapes. Dolan says an important lesson from his dog’s amazing journey is for dog owners to properly tag their pets so that all reunions can have the same happy endings as his and Zander’s.

A New York dog was so affected upset by its owner's hospitalization, it decided to leave home and pay him a visit. Zander, a 7-year-old dog, is believed to have crossed under a busy parkway, and a four-lane road to get to his owner, John Dolan. Mr and Mrs Dolan believe Zander, who they rescued five-years-ago from a shelter and nursed back from starvation, traced Dolan's scent to the hospital. “My wife said the dog had water in his eyes and looked like he was really sad,” Mr. Dolan said. The deepest desire of every living thing is beauty, love, affection and harmony. Beyond bodily differences, exchange affectionate and loving inside can meet the need of every living entity.

Affection, attraction, sympathy - these things are all the outcome of having a heart.  The scientists feel that animals have no real brain, no intelligence. Yet we see that even without much of a brain, an animal can live, but without a heart, none can live. As the brain is a representation of a computer, the animals have no real computer to calculate. Animals may follow intuitive knowledge, and so they can work unconsciously. And we can see that intuition can go above brain calculation. So many birds and beasts can understand that an earthquake is coming, but so far, no human calculation can understand precisely when an earthquake will come. There are many things that our brain cannot feel, cannot catch, whereas even the animals can get some clue about them beforehand. And after a long and deep research, men cannot find what is beyond their reason.

Śrīla Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Mahārāja :
“The Loving Search for the Lost Servant”
Seventh Chapter: “Knowledge-Free Devotion”

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