Wednesday, April 13, 2011


AP - An Indonesian lawmaker who helped pass a tough anti-pornography law resigned Monday after he got caught watching sexually explicit videos on his computer during a parliamentary debate.  The scandal has transfixed this predominantly Muslim nation since a local photojournalist filmed Arifinto, a member of the staunchly Islamic Prosperous Justice Party, gazing at the downloaded porn sites Friday.  The blurred images have been published on the front pages of newspapers almost daily, and reaction has set alight social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Some commenters said Arifinto should be prosecuted under the anti-pornography law that took effect in 2008 despite opposition from the public.  Fifty-year-old Arifinto, who like many Indonesians goes by only one name, was an outspoken supporter of the pornography law.
The law calls for prison terms of up to 15 years and fines for everything from kissing in public and exposure of a woman’s “sensual” body parts to displaying “erotic” artworks.  Broadcasting, possessing and storing pornographic material also is prohibited.  Arifinto apologized to his constituents Monday and told reporters he was stepping down from Parliament immediately.  “It’s my decision,” said the father of five, insisting he was not acting on the orders of his party. “Nobody tried to coerce me.”  Indonesia, a secular country of 237 million people, has more Muslims than any other country in the world. Though most are moderate, they have pushed through several controversial laws - including the pornography law.

Indonesian parliament member from Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Arifinto who helped pass a controversial anti-pornography law resigned Monday after he was caught watching explicit videos at sex websites on his computer during a parliamentary session.  The legislator was watching a porn video on his tablet computer as fellow legislators debated plans to build a new parliament building.   This is a typical characteristic of Kali yuga.  We behave hypocritically, with deceitfulness, displaying mere social etiquette.  Sincerity can only be find in a suddha bhakta, a pure devotee, who is one in his words and heart.

We should follow the teachings of the sadhu. We are not to place importance merely on external behavior. We must see the purpose for which sadhus are acting: for the service of Sri Krsna and the devotees. We should behave like the sadhu only when we understand the purpose of their behavior. We should follow, not imitate. ... We think that we have become civilized in this world. How is this civilized? The so-called civilization of this world is a mere hypocrisy. If one acts in a hypocritical manner, exhibiting grand external behavior, then, in the Kali-yuga, that is considered to be civilized. What is this civilization of Kali-yuga? We have something inside. Our behavior shows one thing but in the heart dwells something else. Outwardly, we shake a person’s hand, but inwardly we want to kill that person. You will now find this sort of “civilization” in Kali-yuga.

Śrīla Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Mahārāja :
Lecture: “The Qualities of a Sadhu”

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