Monday, April 18, 2011


THROUGH US KILLING DOZENS - Tornadoes, storms and flash floods have battered no fewer than eight US states and left more than 40 people dead. They’ve also damaged hundreds of homes.  North Carolina was hardest hit with more than 20 people confirmed dead.  As residents start to pick through the debris rescue workers are warning that the death toll could still rise.  The severe storm system began wreaking havoc in Oklahoma and worked its way through Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and finally on day three North Carolina.  In all the National Weather Center received more than 240 tornado reports.  Residents of the states worst affected saw the storms coming but were still taken aback at the force of the tornadoes, flash floods and massive hailstones.  NBC TV reported that at least 45 people had died as a result of the tornados.

In South Carolina, a church collapsed in Berkeley County due to tornado winds.  Two dozen tornados were reported in the southern states of Mississippi and Alabama on Friday, a day after 15 twisters struck in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, the National Weather Service said.  Alabama Governor declared a state of emergency for all the state’s counties as a result of tornados, severe thunderstorms, hail and high winds.  Tornado season typically runs from March to early July in the US, moving from south to north as the year progresses. Such storms kill an average of 70 people a year.

At least 44 people are said to have died after a powerful storm whipped up tornados across parts of the southern and central United States over three days.  Tornados and thunderstorms hit North Carolina on Saturday, knocking out power, flooding streets and uprooting trees. A state of emergency has been put in place for the state.  Day after day, Mother Nature shows that we are not doing things correctly, and therefore in different parts of the world receive some degree of suffering and misfortune.  Our only shelter from the calamities are the lotus feet of Bhagavan Śrī Krishna.

By the order and wrath of Indra, the master of all the higher subtle elements, heavy rain began to fall. ... So the helpless - the women, children, and animals of Vrndavana - had no alternative but to take refuge of Krishna. They all came to Krishna for relief. They cried, “O Krishna! Now what are we to do?”… Seeing this, Krishna had much pity for them. … At that time, with only one hand Krishna lifted up the Govardhana Mountain. For Him, it was a very easy thing; with only one hand, He uprooted the hill and lifted it up as a child lifts a toy ball. And holding up that great mountain, Krishna gave protection to all those who were living in Gokula. The men, women, and children of Vrndavana brought the cows and all their worldly goods and took shelter beneath Govardhana Hill.

Śrīla Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Mahārāja :
“The Loving Search for the Lost Servant”
Fourth Chapter: ‘Lord of the Cows’
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