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‘EUROPE’S BIGGEST PARTY’ - KAZANTIP - Kazantip is the biggest music festival you’ve never heard of - a month-long celebration of dance music and debauchery on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.  Each summer the sleepy seaside village of Popovka is overrun by thousands of techno-loving hedonists who become a self-contained community devoted to vodka-fueled beach partying. But for its organizers, Kazantip is not a music festival - it is an independent “republic.”  Nikita Marshunok is the event’s founder, and the self-proclaimed president the “Republic of Kazantip.”  “What makes Kazantip different from other music events is that music for us is not the main event,” says Marshunok.  “We’re not a festival, but the great Kazantipian nation.”

Kazantip is certainly different. It was created in the dying days of the Soviet Union to meet Russian and Ukrainian young people’s desire to emulate rave-style parties becoming increasingly popular in Western Europe.  The event was originally held at an abandoned nuclear power station building site on the Black Sea shore.  While the DJs performing at the event are announced in advance, there is no fixed schedule. DJs often play unannounced, where and when the organizers decide. For some, the lack of structure is part of the appeal.   It’s not to everyone’s taste though. Some visiting Kazantip have described a surreal mix of glitzy hedonism, open-air sex, relentless music and increasing commercialization, all contrasting sharply with the economically-struggling local community.

The wildest party of the world is called Kazantip and it is held in the Crimean peninsula every year since 1992.  Partiers relax on the shores of the Black Sea during the day and dance at night.  Kazantip is known for its dazzling mix of hedonism, sex outdoors, vodka consumption, marketing and its continuing bone-shaking techno, trance and house music.  As Kali yuga advances, we are more prone to illicit sexual activity, laziness, use of drugs and alcohol.  All of these activities only reinforce the illusion that we are these bodies and cause us to be more attached to the material world.

According to Vedic philosophy, we are all spirit souls, who are part and parcel of God.   We have entered the material world due to our desire to enjoy it and to think of ourselves as God.  ...  Sex life is the highest material pleasure and also the root cause of most of our grief.  ...  Intoxication is one of the more obvious sinful activities because so many people develop addictions to it.  Whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, or caffeine, addiction to intoxication is very common.   Considering the fact that our senses are impossible to satisfy, it is no surprise that many take to intoxication in an attempt to break free of the senses.   Instead of trying to escape the senses, the Vedas tell us to purify them through practicing devotional service to God, or Bhakti Yoga.

Krishna’s Mercy - Jai Shri Krishna :
“The Four Regulative Principles” - Published by: keshava - Feb. 15 2009

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