Tuesday, April 26, 2011


USA (www.northjersey.com) - About three million kids, or 8 percent of those aged 8 to 18, say they never eat meat, according to a 2009 Harris poll sponsored by the Vegetarian Resource Group. About half of these consider themselves true vegetarians, meaning that they not only don’t eat red meat, but also leave out poultry and fish.  Many more will dabble with vegetarianism sometime during childhood and adolescence, trying it out for a short period of time.  Some of these children come from families who are already vegetarian or vegan (eating a diet that avoids all animal products, including meats, dairy and, sometimes, honey), and so this is just the status quo. But there are also many who come to a decision to eschew meat on their own. 

And this can present some challenges for harried carnivorous parents trying to provide healthful yet convenient meals for the entire family.  “It’s all about including lots of whole (minimally processed) plant foods. And if you meet your calorie needs with an abundance of whole plant foods, your nutrient needs will effectively be met,” notes Dina Aronson, a registered dietician, long-standing vegan, and mother of two from Montclair.  Overall, you can look at this as a great opportunity for the entire family to learn to eat a bit more adventurously, healthfully, and mindfully; even if only one member says no to meat.  In fact, a lot of families will find that having thoughtful and constructive discussions about why your child has chosen to become a vegetarian can enrich the family as a whole.
Perhaps you’re a parent concerned about imposing your vegetarian lifestyle on your baby, or you may be the head of a meat-eating family confused by your child’s recent decision to become a vegetarian.   Regardless of your dietary preference, you should discover how to achieve healthy harmony in a vegetarian household and meet your child’s dietary requirements, too.  Besides nutritional needs, you have to learn to address the social and emotional aspects of vegetarianism, such as helping your child cope with pressure to conform to a standard diet and ensuring that school officials, caregivers, and relatives abide by your child’s dietary wishes.

“The animals are my friends, I don’t eat up my friends.” (G.B. Shaw) -  If we are the children of the same Mother Earth, Mother Nature and of the Supreme Lord, then how can we deny our smaller siblings, the little animals, their right to live just as we claim it for ourselves.  We are all maintained by the Creator, thru Mother Earth.  We should feel gratitude for her and manifest compassion for those that need our help.  That will provide us with happiness and peace.  Who doesn’t consume neither meat nor eggs can understand what is compassion toward the other living beings.  While we put meat and blood on our plates we won’t be able to find peace in our lives.  The Biblical principle is that who kills with a sword will die by a sword. It is the clear law of karma.  Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.

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