Saturday, April 2, 2011


Springfield, Mo. - Thousands of young turkeys at a southwest Missouri poultry farm will be slaughtered to prevent the spread of avian flu.  The farm in Polk County raises turkeys for Cargill, which says up to 15,000 infected young birds will be killed and buried this week. The farm was quarantined after routine tests detected the disease.  Cargill spokesman Mike Miller said the goal is to protect other flocks from the viral disease. Miller says federal agriculture officials found no sign of the flu in 13,000 adult turkeys at the farm.  Missouri agriculture officials say humans are rarely affected by the strain of avian flu found at the farm. Cargill declined to give its location, to keep the curious from showing up and possibly spreading the disease.  “What this is more focused in preventing the spread to other flocks of birds and to other types of birds,” ... “The USDA has confirmed there’s nothing wrong with those adult birds,” Miller said. 

The move is precautionary because while tests show the turkeys are infected, the birds don’t show signs of illness.  The avian influenza strain found in routine testing last week is the H7N3 strain.  Crews involved in the operation will have to be careful to decontaminate vehicles and other equipment, Miller explained.  The plan to kill some birds and harvest others was made in an agreement with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the USDA.  Test results on other poultry operations in a 6-mile radius should be available today, according to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, USA. 

Thousands of young turkeys - between 14,000 and 15,000 - infected by a strain of avian influenza would be killed and their carcasses buried at a Polk County farm to prevent the disease’s spread, the company that owns the birds has announced. The influenza strain occurs naturally, and can be spread by migrating wild birds and also is found in the soil and water, Cargill spokesman explained.  The desire to satisfy the taste of meat leads man to make great slaughter of animals, and this brings its own karmic result in the form of many diseases which affects the health of human beings.

Eating of cow flesh or the flesh of any other animal, the motivation behind slaughter, is detrimental to the health of human beings. ... Meat bearing animals suffer from dozens of diseases and parasites caused through unnatural living and exploitation such as forced feeding, which causes fatty degeneration of organs, endocrine complications through castration diseases including contagious abortion, foot and mouth diseases, fevers, catarrhal conditions, cancer tumours, tuberculosis, mastitis, liver flukes causing ducts to be filled with septic matter (only the liver is condemned, not the carcass), etc; their blood and tissues are impregnated with preventive vaccines. Poultry is often impregnated with oestrogens, which are carcinogens. Animal fats contain cholesterol which is now thought to cause coronary diseases of the heart.

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