Wednesday, May 26, 2010


MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) - For the second time in less than a year, a miraculous survival as a pram rolls into the path of an oncoming Melbourne train. A 15-month-old boy escaped with just a few cuts and bruises on Wednesday after a train struck his stroller, which rolled onto the tracks when the child's grandmother looked away for just a moment. Security camera footage shows the stroller rolling over the edge of the platform just as the train pulls into the station. The stroller was pushed a short distance down the tracks before the train came to a halt in front of horrified witnesses. The dramatic escape comes just seven months after another baby in the southern city of Melbourne survived a train striking his stroller, which had also rolled onto the tracks. “It's absolutely amazing that this child isn't more injured than what he is, given the circumstances of the accident ... It would appear, amazingly, that it's nothing more than a couple of grazes and a big fright”, paramedic Kate Jessop said.

The baby and his 3-year-old brother were being cared for by their grandmother. She told officials she saw the stroller on the platform, looked away for a moment, and turned back to see it on the track, Jessop said. Officials have not released the name of the grandmother, and paramedics said she was too distraught to talk. The boy was in stable condition at Royal Children's Hospital. He suffered some minor facial bruising and grazes to his head, but otherwise appeared fine, Jessop said. In October, a 6-month-old baby survived after his stroller rolled onto the tracks when his mother let go for an instant. Security footage of that escape showed the stroller plunging off a station platform as the commuter train pulls in, and his mother's desperate lunge to grab it. The baby only received a bump on the head.

Here you can watch a video of this accident:

Platforms seem to slope towards the tracks at an angle that could make an unsecured pram roll forwards, so something ought to be done on the railway station platforms to avoid happening again. At the same time, parent need to be more vigilant and also recognize that all protection can only be found at the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord, the Father of everyone.

The whole world is in the Lords belly. So, He is the mother. As the mother carries the child in her womb, the Lord Krishna carries the whole world in his body, in his mouth. ... So He is the mother, and the father and all protection, is the father. So like that, a devotee who has submitted to the Lord: sarva-dharmān parityajya / mām ekam śaranam vraja - Gita says, “Give up all you religions and dharmas and surrender to Me”. Surrender means: “Oh Lord, I am yours. I have surrendered to you my body, my mind, my friends, my relations, my kitten, kids, my wealth. Whatever is mine is yours. I have nothing mine. This body also yours, my cloth also yours, the flower garland is yours, chair is yours, everything is yours. I know you, nothing else.”

Śrīla Bhakti Vaibhava Purī Mahārāj :
Lecture given at Ljubljana, Slovenia,
on June 26, 1999.
Śrī Krishna Chaitanya Mission

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