Friday, May 14, 2010


WASHINGTON (Fox News) - A teacher from Texas just got fired after a video release was set on the internet that showed how her student got beaten at school by her own hands. The student was named Isiah Johnson and the violent and abusive teacher was named Sherry Davis. Sherri Davis is a Science teacher at Jamie’s House Charter School in Houston Texas. Janiqua Johnson, the student who shot the video, said that Davis snapped and “just started beating him up. His behavior may have been bad but he didn’t deserve that.” The whole ordeal started when Isiah made fun of a special child. Suprisingly as students watched, the teacher snapped and beat him up as a consequence. Another student apparently caught the video from his mobile phone and made the video viral on the internet. The teacher got fired after witnessing the video.

A statement school Principal David Jones said: "Now that officials at Jamie's House Charter School have been able to review the video on Fox News, we are horrified at the actions of the teacher. "There is no excuse for a teacher to behave in this way with a child. Although we had already removed the teacher from the classroom and put her on administrative duty, we now plan to terminate the teacher and make an apology to the student and his mother. "In addition, the school will investigate whether other teachers witnessed this terrible incident and did not come forward to report it. Those teachers could be facing disciplinary action, as well. "Educators are entrusted by parents with their children every day and we have a responsibility to see that they are not only taught but treated with respect. Through such incident, many parents are already putting measures in protecting their children in school.

Here you can watch the video:

It’s really alarming that teachers who are considered to be the 2nd parents of the children have the propensity to do such domestic violence. We should find the peace and love which exists inside our heart, by respecting the sadhus, following their instructions and asking for the grace of God.

Life is to know the Supreme Lord, see the Supreme Lord, hear the Supreme Lord, sing the glories of the Lord, sing the glories of the sage. ... Peace cannot be enjoyed without the association of a sadhu. Without the blessings of the sadhu, without the blessings of the sage we cannot enjoy peace, we cannot enjoy happiness. Only if you will be repeating of Divine Name you could become happy. All throughout the life you will be happy. You will be happy. If we hear one, we are chanting so many times namam, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna. They will be purified. They will never born again. They will enjoy the internal nectar. And we will be happy.

Śrīla Bhakti Vaibhava Purī Mahārāj :
Lecture given in Pula, Croatia - 2.7.1999.
Śrī Krishna Chaitanya Mission

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