Wednesday, May 19, 2010


LONDON (ABC World News) - Eating processed meats like hot dogs, bacon and deli meat could increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes compared to eating unprocessed red meats like beef and lamb, according to a new study. Study finds that processed meats increase health risks more than other red meat. The study published today in Circulation looked at 20 studies involving more than 1 million participants from 10 different countries. Researchers found that eating as little as 2 ounces of processed meat per day - a few strips of bacon, a hot dog or smoked sausage - increased the risk of heart disease by 42 percent and the risk of diabetes by 19 percent. The study suggested that the increased risk of heart disease and diabetes with processed meat may be related to the higher salt and preservatives that are normally found in processed meats.

While research found that both red meat and processed meats contained similar amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol - both a contributing factor for heart disease and stroke - processed meats had on average four times higher levels of salt and other preservatives, according to lead author of the study Renata Micha, research fellow in the department of epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health. “The study doesn't suggest that people should panic if they had a piece of processed meat for lunch or cut it out of their diet completely, but as people are making choices [it] may be better to move away a little bit from the processed meats,” said Harlan Krumholz, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Yale University School of Medicine. Although Krumholz agreed that both processed and unprocessed foods hold their fair share of health risks, he said moderation of both processed and unprocessed meats contributes to an overall healthy diet.

It is clear that eating both processed meat or red meat cause health serious risks, including heart disease and diabetes. But, as people do not want to stop eating meat, they are advised to consume it in moderation. Why do not completely give up any kind of meat from your diet? It would be good for you and the animals, too.

Vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy products are in perfect balance for proper nutrition. These same vegetable substances, if they reach us through flesh of an animal, are dangerous to health and carry with them the following disease provoking substances: Toxic wastes from the bloodstream, germs and pus, vaccines and drugs injected to offset animal disease. Fear poisons released at the time of slaughter. Bacteria from putrefactive decomposition, which commences as soon as the animal dies. … Animal fats contain cholesterol which is now thought to cause coronary diseases of the heart. Many studies in cancer research reveal that areas in which meat-eating is highest tend to have the highest cancer rate, while vegetarian areas generally have a far lower rate.

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