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SPAIN ( - The dictionary defines “nostalgia” like pain to see yourself away from the mother country or the relatives or friends, and also as the melancholic sadness originated by the memory of a lost happiness. The English poet John Milton wrote “the lost paradise” in 1667, about the primitive state of the man according to the book of the Genesis - the friendship with God. Last December, Benedicto XVI spoke about the “nostalgia” of God which exists in all man. The Pope highlighted the Church as the family of God, the importance of the reconciliation and the unit between evangelisation and the human promotion. “All together ones we are the family of God, brothers and brothers by virtue of a unique Father”. The Church proposes the true reconciliation without which peace does not exist ... and what the reconciliation consistsm of? In recovering the concord and friendship with God, with yourself, the others and the creation. This implies, first, “the capacity to recognize the fault and to apologise: to God and the other” (to abandon the idea of see yourself as innocent); second, “the availability to the penance, to suffer until the bottom by a fault and to leave themselves to be transformed”; and third, the gratuity, that is to say, “the availability to go beyond the necessary thing, not to request accounts, but to go beyond from which the simple legal conditions demand”. Gratuity is the “availability to take the first step. To go to the encounter the other in the first place, to offer reconciliation to him, to assume the suffering that implies the resignation to be right”. All this was made first by Jesus in the cross.

Last September, during the trip to the Czech Republic, it was also an occasion for the Pope to deepen on the faith and the attitude of the nonbelieving, agnostic Christians also before or atheistic ones. “When we spoke of a new one perhaps evangelisation, these people are scared. They do not want to see themselves turned into mission object, nor to resign to his freedom of thought and of will. To sum up, the reconciliation is condition to be able to live in the realism of the faith and to invite to others to discover because of its life, releasing to them of the fear, the disinterestedness or the apparent comfort of not considering what is more important for all.

Back to God, back to home. Back to the center. Fortunately the agents from the high level come to our relief. By various means, with or without us being aware of it, they inject some special news, which, when accumulated, creates such energy in us that, “I must go back to my home!” ... So, we are fortunate if we receive guidance of the conscious friends of our life, who endeavor of recruit us to that domain: “Come to your senses. Come to your normal position. Come to your home.” You will have to go inside. Home is necessary.

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