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DAILY AS HE MOURNS LATE OWNER A dog whose owner died two months ago visits the church where her funeral was held every day in the hope she will return. Ciccio, a 12-year-old German Shepherd, attends Mass at the church of Santa Maria Assunta in San Donaci, in the southern region of Puglia, every day. Ciccio heads to the church as soon as the bells begin to ring each afternoon, just as he did for years when his owner was alive. The woman, who was known in local dialect as "Maria tu lu campu" - "Maria of the fields" - died suddenly in November. Ciccio attended the funeral, following his mistress's coffin as it was carried into the church. 
The dog's devotion has so impressed villagers that they have adopted him as their own, giving him food and water and letting him sleep in a covered area outside the church. The local priest, Donato Panna, allows him to sit in front of the altar during Masses, baptisms and other services.

According to Sud Italia News, the grieving hound mourns daily for his former owner who was known in the area for her love of animals. The paper says: "As a sign of gratitude, Ciccio goes to church every morning, sitting beneath the altar, near the priest. "His hope to see his beloved Maria, the person he accompanied everywhere, even in church, moves the faithful." It adds the parish priest "does not dare" to chase him away.
Father Donato Panna told the Daily Mail: ''He's there every time I celebrate Mass and is very well behaved - he doesn't make a sound, I've not heard one bark from him in all the time he has been coming in. 'He used to come to Mass with Maria and he was obviously devoted to her - I let him stay inside as he was always so well behaved and none of the other parishoners ever complained to me." A Facebook page for The Church in Malta features pictures of Ciccio and his story - and has been shared more than 3,500 times.

Call him "Ciccio" the Faithful. This 12-year-old German shepherd, who has attended church every day since his owner died in November, used to escort her to church every afternoon when she was alive. Now he heads to Santa Maria Assunta church in San Donaci, Italy, the moment the bells start chiming. Ciccio last accompanied his owner when bearers carried her coffin into the church. The priest doesn't have the heart to shoo him away, letting him sit by the altar during services. Compassionate villagers feed and water him, but the priest hopes he'll find a real home soon. Ciccio's history has already become famous and there is no other topic of conversation in the village, showing that the bond created between a dog and his master is so strong that it does not break even after death. He would be a great friend of Captain, the Argentine dog who sleeps on his owner's grave, and of Hachiko, the Japanese dog who for years waited in the train station for his dead owner.

Affection, attraction, sympathy - these things are all the outcome of having a heart.  The scientists feel that animals have no real brain, no intelligence. Yet we see that even without much of a brain, an animal can live, but without a heart, none can live. As the brain is a representation of a computer, the animals have no real computer to calculate. Animals may follow intuitive knowledge, and so they can work unconsciously. And we can see that intuition can go above brain calculation. So many birds and beasts can understand that an earthquake is coming, but so far, no human calculation can understand precisely when an earthquake will come. There are many things that our brain cannot feel, cannot catch, whereas even the animals can get some clue about them beforehand.

Śrīla Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Mahārāja :
“The Loving Search for the Lost Servant”
Seventh Chapter: “Knowledge-Free Devotion”

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