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WHICH IS BETTER NOT TO BREAK - It’s  New Year. Thus, it is the time to make some resolutions. We all make many types of resolutions however, there are very few who consider health as a major concern. The only health resolution that people take on New Year is to lose extra weight and quit some bad habits in the process. As the New Year has started today, why not take some health resolutions for a healthy and active you? Here are the top 6 health resolutions of New Year that you must take today itself.
Look at the diet: This doesn't mean that you need to go on a crash diet. If you are on a weight loss plan, you need to exclude some high calorie and fatty foods from your diet. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, soups and healthy snacks like nuts must be included in the diet. Workout: We all take this health resolution every New Year. You can try any type of exercise. If you do not get time, try some walking, climbing stairs and running. These are simple aerobic exercises that can keep you fit and healthy. 

Sleep: To stay healthy, we must take the resolution this New Year. Stop watching late night movies and grab some sleep. It will help you get over stress and also relax your mind and body. Other health problems like indigestion and sleeplessness can be troublesome. Quit bad habits: Smokers and drinkers take this resolution every New Year. However, it is very difficult to quit some bad habits. But, nothing is impossible. 
Drink healthy fluids: Instead of drinking alcohol, go for some healthy fluids like juice, soups and most importantly, water. It keeps you hydrated, flushes out toxins from the body and also keeps you fit. Fight stress: These days, stress has become a major concern among people. To avoid mental disorders like depression, meditate regularly and try to stay happy. These are the 6 health resolutions that you must make this New Year. Apart from these, you should stay happy. Keep smiling and be satisfied.

New Year’s resolutions are common commitments to lose weight, do more exercise, eat healthier, quit smoking, stop drinking, organize your time and spend more time with family. Amrisha Agarwal, author of this article, pointed that New Year resolutions are always broken as it becomes very difficult to keep for the whole year, so she mentions few health resolutions that you must stick to as health is a primary concern. Health hazards have increased due to a raise in stress levels and keep bad habits, so if you want to have healthy years ahead, do exercises to keep you fit, include healthy and nutritious foods in your diet and quit smoking and drinking. Most resolutions are things we resolve to do and others not do. Our gurus advice two primordial things to do’s and don’ts - always remember God (Krishna) and never forget Him.

Do not waste your time. A whole year has passed, have you seen how quickly it passed? We use the pretext of the new year to take new energy in the service, since the devotee is always renewing his vows. In fact, in each moment he does so, because frequently the mind proposes to him to leave his vows. Therefore there is continuous renovation of vows. ... This is a special moment that we use for singing more Hare Krishna. We should have much confidence in the mantra; the mantra is everything to us. We do everything in order to chant, since sankirtan is the dharma for this age. Then this meditation is very important, so that we can serve from our heart. Well, let’s not forget our responsibility for the world. Krishna expects much from us. He expects everything. He has chosen us; we don’t know why, but it is so. Now there is nothing else remaining than to help and try to please our gurus.

Śrīla Atulananda Ācārya :
“Resolutions for a New Year”

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