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http://www.abc.es - The company “Suripanta Theatre” opened last Friday, in the city of Navalmoral dela Mata (Cáceres), Spain, the XXI edition of Amateur Theatre Festival “Villa de Navalmoral “, which will run from 6 to May 28 with seven plays and the closing gala.  “Suripanta Theater” goes to the House of Culture with its latest production entitled “Torero (the last three lots of the Macareno Antonio)” a comedy that tells how a matador, Antonio El Macareno , refuses at the last minute to enter the arena, having the overflowed square and in front of his own people, and even during full show!.  Entrenched in the chapel, hidden in his hands the reason for such a grave decision: he has converted to Hinduism.  In the scene, you can see - as in a parade - all those rascals who live at the expense of the bullfighter: parents, sister, girlfriend and even the village priest, who has vocation of attorney.  All with one intention: to get him into the ring no matter what.

The dialectical struggle between the bullfighter and the group around him that live at his expense inevitably end in a violent and tragicomic denouement.  ‘Torero’ shows us a tragicomic and hilarious portrait of the human condition in a dissolute, amoral society.  Arturo Ruíz, David Desola - the play writers - and Esteve Ferrer - director of the show - said:  “‘Torero’ does not intend to reflect the bullfighting world as it is alive today.  Our interest is to focus on the figure of the matador and his environment, full of village brides, close family members, attorneys and rascals of low birth who feed from the ephemeral success of those who risk their lives in the ring.   ‘Torero’ is an anti-hero who fights and bleeds to survive.”

“Torero, las tres ultimas suertes de Antonio el Macareno,” is a picaresque comedy or grotesque tragicomedy which is now touring Spain.  The play’s plot is that a famous bullfighter refuses to enter the bull ring, even though the place is packed with his fans, because he has converted to Hinduism and has a crisis of conscience.  His fiance, family and a priest try to dissuade him.  The plot of this play reminds us of the purifying power of the process of Krishna Consciousness, as happened with Srila BB Harijan Maharaj who had been a bullfighter by profession and became a perfect example of dedicated and wonderful Vaishnava. 

Havi Das (Ilan Chester), a disciple of Prabhupada, went to Bogota and began to chant Hare Krishna and one of the first people that attended his lecture was Bhimala Srila Harijan Maharaj.  Now, at that time, he was known as Miguel Antonio Chávez, and by coincidence or by special destination, he was a bullfighter by profession, which is not exactly a Vaishnava style profession.  He was a frustrated bullfighter because he did not want to know anything more about that, he wanted to know about the spiritual life.  Then he attended the class and he liked it so much that he moved two days later along with Havi Das and they began to found the first temple of Krishna Consciousness in Colombia.  BB Srila Harijan Maharaj represented the ideals of Krishna Consciousness and when he left this world he had already preached in many places, he made devotees in Chile, USA, Germany and Colombia, left many churches, and above all, he won the hearts of all devotees in a very special way.

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