Friday, May 13, 2011


Habqadar, Pakistan - A pair of Taliban suicide bombers attacked paramilitary police recruits eagerly heading home for a break after months of training, killing 80 people Friday in the first act of retaliation for the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden.  In claiming responsibility, the al-Qaida linked militant group cited anger at Pakistan’s military for failing to stop the American incursion on their soil.  The blasts in the northwest were a reminder of the savagery of Islamist insurgents in Pakistan. Tensions also have risen between the U.S. and Islamabad over allegations that some elements of Pakistani security forces had been harboring bin Laden, who died in a May 2 raid in Abbottabad, a garrison town about three hours’ drive from the scene of the bombing. “We have done this to avenge the Abbottabad incident,” Ahsanullah Ahsan, said spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban. He warned that the group was also planning attacks on Americans living inside Pakistan.

The bombers blew themselves up in Shabqadar at the main gate of the facility for the Frontier Constabulary, a poorly equipped but front-line force in the battle against al-Qaida and allied Islamist groups like the Pakistani Taliban close to the Afghan border. Like other branches of Pakistan’s security forces, it has received U.S. funding to try to sharpen its skills. The scene was littered with shards of glass mixed with blood and flesh. The explosions destroyed at least 10 vans. It was the first major militant attack in Pakistan since bin Laden’s death on May 2, and the deadliest this year. Bin Laden, the Sept. 11 mastermind, and at least four others were killed by U.S. Navy SEALs who raided his compound in Abbottabad. 

Pakistani Taliban struck the first blow yesterday in what is feared will be a series of deadly attacks to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden, killing at least 66 paramilitary policemen and 14 civilians were killed and around 120 people were wounded, in a double suicide bombing near the northwest city of Peshawar.  “This was the first revenge for Osama’s martyrdom. Wait for bigger attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan,” a spokesman for the Taliban warned.  People don't have to fight for revenge or respond with the same violence, because desire for vengeance only lead to the destruction of the worlds. 

While the Kurukshetra fighting was going on, the snake Ashvasena remembered how Arjuna had killed his mother as she was trying to escape the Khandava forest fire set by Agni.  Desiring to gain revenge against Arjuna, he entered the arrow that was being kept by Karna for Arjuna’s death.  When Karna released that arrow, meteors fell from the sky, and the demigods, headed by Indra thought that Arjuna would be killed.  Seeing the blazing snake mouthed arrow come toward Arjuna, Lord Krishna pressed down on the terrace of the chariot and caused it to sink into the ground about a foot and a half.  When this happened the horses were forced down to the ground.  Karna’s deadly arrow then swept off Arjuna’s crown and smashed it to pieces. Upon witnessing the feat of Lord Krishna, which saved Arjuna’s life, the demigods showered flowers and beat on their drums.

Commentary of the “Mahabharata Summation”
to the 4th Chapter of Karna Parva - “The Death of Karna”
New Vrindavana community, June 3, 1985.

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