Friday, February 11, 2011


ILLEGAL BUTTOCK SURGERY AT PHILLY HOTEL - 20-year-old London woman, Claudia Adusei died of a heart attack after flying to the US for the surgery to enhance her butt. The operation would give her a larger butt- this was to be an early birthday present for herself, due to her 21st birthday which she was meant to be celebrating later on this month. A day after she died from getting silicone injected into her buttocks at a Philadelphia hotel. On Saturday, Claudia Adusei and three friends arrived from London, and were staying at the Hampton Inn near Philadelphia International Airport. Adusei and one of her friends had previously traveled to Philadelphia last November to have their buttocks’ enhanced. They had returned so Adusei could have a second buttocks enhancement, while the other woman had her hips augmented.

On Monday, two women showed up to perform the procedures at the hotel, and one woman administered the injections. Adusei received her enhancement injections around noon Monday, and started complaining of chest pains 12 hours later, police said. Paramedics were called, and Adusei was rushed to Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital in Delaware County where she later died around 1:30 a.m., according to court documents. Speaking outside the family home in North London, her sister Vivian told the London Evening Standard that the family is devastated. A preliminary medical examination suggested that Adusei died from silicone entering her vascular system and ultimately stopping her heart, according to the Delaware County medical examiner.

“In order to make the buttocks big with liquid silicone, you have to inject a lot of it, and use a large-gauge needle because silicone is really thick - and this could easily get into the blood stream, so you could have a stroke because it could go to the brain ... or to the lungs, the heart, the kidneys and liver,” explained a cosmetic dermatologist in New York City. Women should not be risking their lives trying to go for surgery just to make themselves more attractive. We must not allow media and TV vanity shows to define what beauty is, because beauty comes from within. So, we are going to be more beautiful and if we make ourselves better people.

In fact, plastic surgeons help people to exploit the ignorance, vanity and illusion of being different. By doing their work, they only exacerbate the confusion and suffering of mankind. ... Men and women are under the same mistaken belief that their true nature is the body and forget that the greatest beauty resides inside. ... The reality is that we should not give so much importance to the appearance of the material body, we are neither black nor white, neither young nor old, neither male nor female. We are eternal souls. However, in our role as human beings, we must understand that life is a beautiful gift that God gave us to evolve the consciousness. ... If we make a life consecrated to God’s will, we will have enough happiness to live, regardless of whether our body is or is not the most attractive in the light of those who only look at the body.

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