Wednesday, February 2, 2011


CAIRO - The Egyptian army called Wednesday for an end to the massive demonstrations that have shaken President Hosni Mubarak’s grip on power, and the mood turned ominous as the anti-government crowds were confronted by angry Mubarak supporters. The two sides threw rocks and chunks of cement at each other, with several people injured and some bleeding profusely. Dozens of pro-Mubarak riders on horseback and camelback charged into Tahrir Square and began to beat anti-government demonstrators with whips and clubs. The Egyptian government restored Internet service across the country after cutting it off days ago in an unsuccessful attempt to disrupt the pro-democracy protests. With Mubarak promising to step down after elections this fall, the military broadcast a televised message that read: “The armed forces call on the protesters to go home for the sake of bringing back stability.”

But the large crowds seemed unlikely to disband. Opposition leaders and demonstrators said Tuesday that they would continue to demand that Mubarak resign immediately. They were buoyed by President Obama’s statement that a transition to democracy in Egypt “must begin now.” Soldiers posted around the square did not immediately intervene - a possible sign that, while the military said days ago that it respected the people’s right to gather, troops were now hoping the crowds would follow the call to go home. Before the clashes grew violent, anti-government protesters in the square said they thought Mubarak was trying to play for time, and divide the opposition by saying he would leave in eight months' time.

The peaceful, carnival-like atmosphere that prevailed during Tuesday’s massive demonstrations gave way today Wednesday to a tense, charged standoff between pro-democracy demonstrators and thousands of Mubarak supporters, many of whom who had been bused in. Anti-government protesters marched toward the group of supporters, shouting “Down with Mubarak!” and “No to Mubarak!”. When the government does not satisfy people, demonstrations start and protests turn violent; as a result, everybody suffers. We must find relief of these constant disturbances at the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Lord.

This world is the place of turmoil and disturbances caused by the illusory energy of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Only a completely surrendered soul can emancipate himself from the grip of this illusory energy and surmount the ocean of births and deaths- threefold afflictions. We should not be perturbed by mundane, worldly loss and gain. We should be very careful about the eternal benefit of the real self, which will go with us. ... We cannot see adjustment and cannot find solution by our own capacity. Total unconditional submission is the only way of solving all problems. Jivas commit offence at the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna, when they, being eternal servants of Sri Krishna, become averse to Him. As long as Jivas will not remove this offence, there will be no practical solution. Maya will surely envelope them and there will be desire for enjoyment, which will hurl them down to hell - intense suffering.

Śrīla Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Mahārāja :
Message: “Circumstances should not disturb bhajan”
Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math - April 28, 2010.

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