Sunday, January 15, 2012


Pattaya Daily News - The news of a North Eastern Thailand tv director marrying his dead fiancée became viral on the social media with 50,000 sharing the news on-line.  The news became the “Talk of the town” on Facebook and YouTube after “ Chadil Deffy “ or Deff Yingyuen, stated his love for his late girlfriend, Sarinya or “Anne” Kamsook.  Much to the surprise of his friends, on January 4, Deff posted the message on his Facebook page, inviting his friends to a wedding-cum-funeral rite for his longtime girlfriend at a local temple in Surin Province. The couple had been together for a decade and made a promise to get married before the bride died in a car accident. Deff said their wedding was postponed due busy schedules and his studies before he was going to settle down in matrimony with Sarinya.

This bizarre wedding ceremony together with the funeral of the corpse of the bride was held at Tri Vivek temple Moo 9 Baan Sadao Tambon Nabua , Amphur Muang, Surin province. The corpse of the bride was Ms. Sarinya or “Ann Kamsuk” age 29, from Surin province. The bridegroom, known by his nickname “Dave”, is director of television programs. Both of them fell in love while studying at the Eastern Asia University ten years ago and had planned to get married but the woman had died on the evening of January 3, 2012. During the funeral ceremony, the groom is seen in a black smart suit putting a ring on the finger of his late girlfriend. This was posted on the Facebook and YouTube and it spread like wildfire. There were many wreaths from her friends and relatives and from actors, singers and fellow students.

A young man, Chadil Duffy, and long-time girlfriend Sarinya had agreed to marry, but before they had the chance, she died unexpectedly. However, Duffy, intent on following through on his promise to his girlfriend, and last week he has married his dead girlfriend. Depending on sensibilities, one may have a number of reactions to this unique story of tragedy and love, yet one thing is certain: in our current conditioned state, the material attachment for the gross body is very hard to overcome.

Sukadeva Gosvami told Maharaja Pariksit that every living entity is actually most attached to his own self. Outward paraphernalia such as home, family, friends, country, society, wealth, opulence and reputation are all only secondary in pleasing the living entity. ... The next important object of affection, after his own self, is his material body. A person who has no information of the spirit soul is very much attached to his material body. ... The attachment to the body is there only because the “I,” the spirit soul, is within the body. Similarly, when one is further advanced, he knows that the spirit soul is pleasing because it is part and parcel of Krishna. Ultimately, it is Krishna who is pleasing and all-attractive. Without being an expansion of Krishna, nothing can be attractive.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
“Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead”
Chapter 14: “Prayers Offered by Lord Brahma to Lord Krishna”
Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International

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