Wednesday, January 11, 2012


MINUTE CLOSER TO CATASTROPHE - The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced Tuesday that it has moved its “Doomsday Clock” to five minutes to midnight. The group says inadequate progress on stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and continuing inaction on climate change are the reasons for the move.  The clock had been set at six minutes to midnight for the past two years. It previously was set at five minutes to midnight from 2007-2010.  “It is five minutes to midnight. Two years ago, it appeared that world leaders might address the truly global threats that we face. In many cases, that trend has not continued or been reversed. For that reason, the BAS is moving the clock hand one minute closer to midnight, back to its time in 2007.”

In pushing the hypothetical hands of time one minute closer to our proverbial destruction, the BAS blamed the lack of progress in reducing nuclear arms and addressing the issue of climate change. The group says in a statement that two years ago, there was reason for optimism “that world leaders might address the truly global threats we face. In many cases, that trend has not continued or been reversed.” “The world still has over 19,000 nuclear weapons, enough power to destroy the world’s inhabitants several times over,” said Jayantha Dhanapala. Further, the world has fallen behind in adopting climate change agreements designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by requiring coal producers to capture their CO2 and encouraging the world to invest more heavily in alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind power.

The Doomsday Clock, which represents just how close the world is to a global catastrophe, has been moved closer to midnight (destruction) due to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and continuing inaction on climate change.  Unless societies begin building alternatives to carbon-emitting energy technologies, the world is doomed to a warmer climate, harsher weather, droughts, famine, water scarcity, rising sea levels, loss of island nations, and increasing ocean acidification.

It is practical, to destroy the water, to destroy the air, to destroy the ground, with pollution, nuclear waste, very realistic is it not? ... What is the cause of all these problems? One thing. There is one cause for all of these problems in the world if you examine properly: People are discontent. The more they have, the more discontent they become. ... The scientists and the technologists are thinking, if only we can make a very, very luxurious type of lifestyle, then everyone will be content. Now we have our big skyscrapers and people are jumping off to commit suicide. Now we have our big, big airplanes and the terrorists are putting their bombs in them. We have our rocket ships and they are exploding in mid air. Spending billions of dollars of tax payer’s money, for what, looking for some contentment, some peace in life. Who has found it?

Śrīla Radhanath Swami Mahārāja :
Class on Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 8.19.21
“Vamandev Begs Forgiveness from Bali Maharaj”  -

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