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Delhi (ISKCON News) - After a whole year of active protesting and lobbying by sadhus, devotees, and environmentalists, it looks like the fight for the Yamuna River is finally reaching its peak, with the issue snowballing its way into Indian Parliament on December 18th. Major TV stations in India broadcast a heated three-hour debate in which fifteen to twenty members of Parliament challenged the government as to what it was going to do about the sacred river, declared ‘dead’ by the Ecological Department of India. The outraged politicians included former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.  There’s been widespread public anger for the past year due to the fact that while the Yamuna emerges clean from Yamunotri, its source in the Himalayas, there is barely a drop of the original sacred river left by the time it reaches Braj, Lord Krishna’s birthplace.

That’s because eighty-five per cent of it is held back by an irrigation dam in the state of Haryana, while 3.6 billion liters of Delhi City sewage and industrial waste is emptied into it every day.  Back on April 15th this year, one thousand protestors finished a month-and-a-half long march at the common protest ground of Jantar Mantar in Delhi, where they were joined by another 19,000, some of whom went on a six-day hunger strike to get the government’s attention.  The protest was led by sadhu and environmentalist Ramesh Babaji and members of his Maan Mandir organization; Bhanu Pratap Singh, head of the 100,000 strong Bhartiya Kisan Farmer’s Union; and ISKCON devotee and businessman Radha Jivan Dasa. Now, with Parliament finally taking notice of the issue, worshippers of Yamuna Maharani are seizing the opportunity with both hands and can be able to save Lord Krisna’s beloved river.

What flows by the name of “Yamuna Ji” in Braj-Vrindavan today is none but the sewage of Delhi drain and other polluted drains. The protestors have a clear demand: Let a clean Yamuna flow into Braj.  They are requesting Delhi to build a 22 kilometer canal for its waste, which can then be cleaned for irrigation, rather than using the Yamuna. Million of pilgrims take their holy sip and dip in this “water” and Braj’s Deities are being bathed with it; so, if you agree with this protest, please sign "Save Yamuna Petition" here : http://www.saveyamuna.org/sign-yamuna-petition

Many of the Lord’s transcendental, spiritual activities relate to water. ... Sometimes a flood devastates the universe, and Krishna assumes the form of a golden fish to play in the water. Tied to a horn on His head is a boat carrying sages, Vedic knowledge, and seeds to replenish the world after the flood. During this pastime, Krishna enjoys His play within the water as well as His loving relationship with the great sages.  Krishna in His original form often sports in water with His friends and beloveds. For His water pastimes He chooses rivers such as the Ganges and Yamuna, who are also goddesses pure in love for Him. Krishna also plays in lakes and ponds filled with lotuses and swans and surrounded by jeweled pavilions. These bodies of water are persons, devotees of His, alive with love and bliss.

Śrīmati Urmila devi dasi :
“Water - A Meditation”
“Water Pastimes” - July/August 2008

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