Tuesday, November 8, 2011


USA (by Delia Quigley) - As yoga has grown and spread throughout the West, chanting the sacred Sanskrit words has spread right along with it. Chanting or singing your prayers has been a vital part of worship in every religion worldwide. It is done to soothe and quiet the mind, awaken spiritual energy and heal the body. While many people seek release from stress in mind-altering substances or activities, the simple act of chanting can calm the nervous system and relieve stress in the body-mind, creating feelings of well-being and oftentimes pure bliss.  Whether you are chanting in an ashram, yoga class, church, temple or mosque, you are affecting your body-mind by the sound vibrations that resonate throughout your body.  According to research done by Alfred Tomatis of the French Academy of Science and Medicine chanting has a therapeutic effect on the individual by activating the body’s natural healing process.   

He recommends chanting as an aid for overcoming addictions such as smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Research conducted by Dr. Alan Watkins of the Imperial College, London, reveals that chanting slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Even just listening to others’ chanting helps to normalize the adrenalin and cholesterol levels in the body.  A simple and effective way to begin your practice is to chant the sound of Om. Often times a yoga class may begin or end with this chant, believed to be the primordial vibration from which the universe came into being. According to one of the earliest sacred yoga texts, the Yajur-Veda, Om represents all of our past, present and future; and chanting this sacred sound brings calm and quiet to the mind allowing one to enter the deep silence that represents pure consciousness.

The beauty of chanting is that there is not just one way, or one rhythm, but a broad spectrum of rhythmic patterns. The range of rhythms are as diverse as the chants of a Catholic mass to the tribal drums of the Native American Indians, the deep drone of Buddhist monks or the keening wail of women mourning the dead. Opening the mouth to chant allows us to open our heart and speak to Spirit in prayer or as a form of meditation.  Chanting blesses us with experience of the grace, love and protection of God in our hearts and floods our lives with serenity, joy and fulfillment.

The mind - MAN, is liberated - TRA (“mantra”) when we invoke the transcendental sound with deep sincerity.  Mantras bring vibrations that help each atom of our existence and they show us the light on the road before us.  Mantra - meditation and prayer are a direct route to transcendence.   Mantra meditation puts us in contact with spiritual mercy.  The Vedas have many mantras which are given to help us.  One can chant a mantra mentally, recite it silently, or chant it aloud; one can also write down the meaning of the mantra or speak about the glories of the mantra to other people.  The best Mantras are the names of God.  The mantra of the Name of God and God are the same.  All the power that comes from God is in His Holy Names. ... We should always think of the Holy Names of God, the Supreme Being of the Universe who has an infinite quantity of names that define his diverse qualities and activities. All these names purify the person who meditates on them.

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