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GLOW TO YOUR SKIN - The skin is one of the five sensory organs, which has the quality of touch. A person is able to find out hot and cold temperature with the help of touch. It also purifies the blood. Skin is the third part to purify blood. Millions of glands of skin purify the blood and the impurities go out of the body in the form of sweat and dirt through the skin pores.  Working throughout the day, hectic schedule and mental work causes wear and tear of the body.  This tiredness mixes with the blood.  The skin glands purify the blood at that place and activate it.  Therefore skin should always be active and disease free.  Accumulation of dirt or obstruction in sweat production leads to skin ailments.  It also obstructs blood circulation in that area.  It can also lead to joint pain, knee pain, gout, and kidney and lung diseases.  Keeping the skin healthy and clean can prevent various diseases.

Among several nature therapies for glowing skin, we can mention: Keep the stomach clean and take bath everyday.  Rub the whole body for five to seven minutes before taking bath and take bath with fresh water.  Rub the body with a towel while taking bath.  This removes dirt and dead skin and cleans the skin.  Use soaps as less as possible; use it once or twice a week.  Wear cotton clothes in all seasons.  Nylon and other synthetic fiber are harmful for the skin and do not absorb sweat.  The undergarments should be especially made of cotton or hosiery material, avoid nylon and synthetic material for undergarments.  Some people suffer from itching and irritation with woolen clothes in the winter season.  In this case wear woolen clothes over a cotton shirt or kurta.  Use cotton and thin fabric during the summer season.  Loose clothes are always comfortable.  Boil neem leaves and take bath with that water at least twice a week.

Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent many skin problems.  For example, smoking makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow.  Yoga Asanas and Pranayama should be practiced regularly; they activate the skin glands and maintain their good health by purifying the blood.  Learn yogic activities under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher and then do it on your own.

Yoga increases the health of the skin and makes it active.  First and foremost try to clear the stomach everyday.  Try to improve the condition of lungs, liver, kidneys and heart and this is possible only with yoga practice. Practice yogasanas in the morning in open air to keep the skin healthy.  Paschimottasana activates the digestive organs and digestion process.  It improves appetite and removes foul air and fecal matter.  It is also helpful in destroying stomach worms, improves the functioning of the liver, spleen and intestines.  It cures kidney diseases.  It improves the blood circulation and the body becomes healthy.  It give natural glow to the face, strengthens the body, and brings in liveliness.   This asana is also beneficial in overcoming gout, backache, spinal problem, knee pain, thigh pain and calf muscle pain.  It makes the spine flexible.  It strengthens the nerves of the spine and back.  It is also very beneficial for the skin and improves its quality.

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