Wednesday, November 3, 2010


(AP) - A 10-year-old gave birth last week in the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera, and the authorities are evaluating whether to let her and her family retain custody of the baby. The boy who fathered the baby born to a 10-year-old girl in Spain is just 13 himself, relatives revealed today. The Romanian youngster, called Elena, became one of the world’s youngest mothers when she gave birth to a 6lbs 6oz baby last week at a hospital in Jerez. She has called her child, a baby girl born naturally, Nicoletta. Elena flew to Spain from Romania just three weeks ago to give birth and attend a family wedding. They are now staying with relatives at a flat in Lebrija, a walled town of around 25,000 inhabitants between Jerez and Seville in the country’s south-west. Neither mother or child, who come from a gypsy family and are expected to stay indoors for 40 days in accordance with local tradition, have been seen in public.

But the baby’s grandmother, Olimpia, said the family were feeling “ecstatic.” She said: “Elena and Nicoletta will stay in Spain because her relationship with the baby’s father has ended. They’ve separated. Elena is very happy with her child. We’re very happy, for us it’s not a drama. These things are normal in our country. Girls get married at 10 so we don’t understand why people are so surprised.”
Britain’s youngster mother, Tressa Middleton, gave birth aged 12 in 2006 after getting pregnant while drunk. In February this year a nine-year-old Chinese schoolgirl gave birth to a baby boy.

A girl aged just 10 has become one of Spain's youngest mums after having a baby girl. The Romanian youngster gave birth at a hospital in Jerez, Cadiz. It is claimed the Romanian girl and her baby will both be looked after by her family and social services will monitor the case. Unfortunately, few people worry about studying and follow the ancient Vedic scriptures. They listed many ceremonies and requirements to be met by prospective marriage partners in order to create an enabling environment, so that children conscious of God will be born in this new family.

The Vedic literatures are not only full of spiritual instruction but are also instructive in how to prosecute material existence very nicely, with the ultimate aim of spiritual perfection. Devahūti asked her husband (Kardama Muni), therefore, how to prepare herself for sex life according to the Vedic instructions. Sex life is especially meant for having good children. The circumstances for creating good children are mentioned in kāma-śāstra, the scripture in which suitable arrangements are prescribed for factually glorious sex life. Everything needed is mentioned in the scriptures - what sort of house and decorations there should be, what sort of dress the wife should have, how she should be decorated with ointments, scents and other attractive features, etc. With these requisites fulfilled, the husband will be attracted by her beauty, and a favorable mental situation will be created. The mental situation at the time of sex life may then be transferred into the womb of the wife, and good children can come out of that pregnancy.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
“The Śrīmad Bhāgavatam”
Purport in Canto 3, Chapter 23:
“Devahūti’s Lamentation” - Text 11.

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