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A PAST LIFE AS A BLACK WOMAN A five year-old boy in the U.S. city of Cincinnati believes he a 30-year-old African American woman, who died in a 1993 fire, in a past life, Fox8 news channel reported last week. It started out with Luke Ruehlman, then two, calling things around the house “Pam” which was followed by making references to “when he was a girl.” “He used to say: ‘When I was a girl, I had black hair,’ or he would say, ‘I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl,’” Erika, Luke’s mother, said adding that he has stopped mentioning Pam.
Luke revealed his belief that he was Pam when his mother confronted him about who she is. According to the mother, the boy recounted a process of reincarnation in which he was “pushed back down to earth” in the form of a new born.

“Well, I used to be [Pam], but I died. I went up to heaven, and I saw God, and he pushed me back down and when I woke up, I was a baby and you named me Luke,” the boy was quoted as saying. In an episode of paranormal investigative show “The Ghost Inside My Child,” Luke is shown several photos of African-American women in their 30s. Pamela Robinson, the woman Erika believes her son Luke was speaking of, was one of them. Luke appears to have been able to identify Pamela Robinson using knowledge his mother said he would not have been able to acquire on his own. 
After the incident, Erika reached out to the Robinson family in a bid to find out more about the woman her son claims to have been. She found out that both her son and Pamela shared an affinity for artist Stevie Wonder and playing the keyboard.

This article is about an five year old American boy, called Luke, who claims he is the reincarnated spirit of Pam, a 30-year-old woman. The young boy has spooked his mother after recalling unsettling details of how his past life ended when he died jumping from a burning building. Luke's mother Erika says that her son started talking about his “past life” when he was only two. The story was investigated by the TV show 'The Ghost Inside My Child', who put Erika in touch with Pamela Robinson's family who said that Luke's personality and music interests are very similar to their late daughter. And since contacting Robinson’s family, Erika has reportedly also uncovered coincidences between her son and the late Chicagoan’s favorite things: Stevie Wonder's music and the piano. “It’s a positive [message] of unification, of love,” Luke's mother says. She believes that the message of Luke should be made public, because "we should not define the soul based on a race or a genre," she says. She also states that they did not receive money for the TV documentary and her intent is for this story of unification to be shared with others because it's a positive one. Our spiritual masters have taught us that soul incarnates through different forms (samsara or reincarnation); it takes another birth in a material body to continue with material experiences or the pursuit of satisfying material desires. The understanding of reincarnation is not complete without understanding the law of karma. The concept of reincarnation and karma are joined, so the reactions to our desires and actions cause ultimately suffering because they attach us more and more into the continued cycle of birth and death. In this sense, the Vedic literature offers complete spiritual information on the science of life after death, karma and reincarnation. (Editor's note).

Hindus are known to believe in the idea of reincarnation. A common misconception is that reincarnation only refers to the idea that a sinful person comes back in their next life as a rat or a tiger or some lower animal. Reincarnation actually means the soul accepts a material body and that after death, the current body is discarded and the soul enters a new one. [...] The soul is eternal, but our material bodies aren’t. We have accepted our current bodies due to our past karma. Birth, death, old age, and disease are guaranteed for the body. At the time of death, we give up our present body and accept a new one based on our karma. [...] The most important thing to understand about reincarnation is that it can be stopped. Lord Krishna tells us that thinking of Him at the time of death will stop the perpetual cycle of birth and death. 

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