Saturday, March 2, 2013


TEMPLES IN INDORE, INDIA Unidentified miscreants struck at three different temples situated under Annapurna area and decamped with booty worth thousands of dollars late on Saturday night. The thieves targeted Sai Mandir and Sri Ram Mandir situated in the vicinity of Bank Colony and also broke open the locks of a Shiv Mandir situated in adjacent, Vishwakarma Colony. The incident came to fore when locals thronged the temples to offer their morning prayers and discovered the theft. Following this, a team of Annapurna police reached the spot and took stock of the situation but found no vital clue about the miscreants. 
The police suspect that the thefts were committed under the influence of drugs or alcoholic substance by some local miscreants, who were aware that the area was quite deserted with inadequate lights arrangement.

As the news of theft spread in the area, local residents gathered outside the temples and registered their protest against the incidents. The residents accused police of negligence as there was no police patrolling in the area. The locals warned police of soon arrest and stern actions against the thieves or they would stage a demonstration against the department. A case was registered at Annapurna police station and further investigation was underway.
Over a dozen temples, gurudwaras and shrines situated in different parts of the city have been barged in last one month. Besides, thefts in eight temples situated in Annapurna, Chandan Nagar, Rajendra Nagar and Hira Nagar have been reported in last five days. The incidents have raised a question mark over the claims of the police about night patrolling. The police even could not ascertain the identity of the miscreants involved in any of these thefts.

A new theft incident of sacred Hindu temple objects took place. This time in Indore, India. Thieves made away with donation boxes and other valuables from the temples Sai Mandir and Sri Ram Mandir in Bank Colony and Shiv Mandir in Vishwakarma Colony. Faithless crimes committed at Hindu temples is not new. In June 2010, two black granite statutes of Jaya and Vijaya, the guardians to the abode of Vishnu, were stolen from the entrance to the prayer hall of the Hindu Cultural Center of North Alabama (USA). In May 2011, thieves desecrated three Kuala Selangor temples in Malaysia and stole gold platelets and navarathinam (precious stones) placed in the sanctum ground before a Hindu deity is installed. In March of 2012 several incidents - a total of 31 burglaries of sacred objects - took place in Hindu temples across the island of Bali. Also last year, in November, a sacred statue of Lord Shiva - worth nearly $ 10,000 - was stolen from the Indian Cultural Society Hindu Temple and Mahatma Gandhi Center in Wayne, New Jersey (USA).  Please, support your local temple! 

In Hindu's homes around the world, the center of the home is the family altar, where spiritual values are shared. In America, the center of the home is the family television set, where the favorite fare is sitcoms, where anti-social skills are learned (the favorite source of "humor" in sitcoms is usually insult and sexual innuendo). It is the goal of every devout Hindu to visit the different places of pilgrimage (especially after retirement), such as Varanasi, Vrindavana, Badarikashrama, and great holy places of worship such as the temples of Venkateshwara, Jagannatha and Ranganath. In the United States, the places of pilgrimage are either Reno, Atlantic City, or Las Vegas, the Mecca’s of gambling, meat eating, intoxication, and prostitution. ... Hindu temples, on the other hand, are small islands of refuge for dharma, and are supported by only a small minority of people. They need your help!

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