Friday, June 17, 2011


AND NOW SCIENTISTS KNOW WHY - It’s an unfortunate fact that when smokers kick the habit, they often gain weight - a side effect that many smokers use as a reason for not quitting.  Now scientists think they’ve pinpointed the pathway in the brain through which nicotine helps suppress appetite, suggesting that it’s possible to get the same effect without the cigarettes.  Nicotine works on many different receptors in the brain, including those in reward regions that contribute to addiction. But working with mice, a team led by Yale University School of Medicine psychiatrist Marina Picciotto found that the drug also binds to receptors on appetite-regulating neurons, which aren’t involved in addiction. These neurons, located in the hypothalamus, send the “I’m full” message after a meal, helping to regulate how much you eat.

It helps explain why smokers aren’t as hungry when they smoke, and why they tend to stay thinner on the habit.  When they quit, however, many smokers tend to eat more, typically gaining on average about five pounds after quitting.  Picciotto believes that nicotine hijacks various neural circuits in the brain - those involved in reward, and now in appetite - and that understanding how the tobacco compound works on brain cells could lead to better cessation strategies.  Understanding the link between nicotine and satiety could lead to new drugs that target the nicotine receptors on appetite-controlling cells, giving smokers a way to quit without the weight gain.  There are plant-based quit-smoking drugs available in Eastern Europe that may work in this way, but further research needs to be done to determine their use.

Scientists have discovered why smokers tend to gain weight when they quit the habit. It turns out that nicotine can speed up the brain cells that normally suggest to people to stop eating when satisfied. Smoking causes cancer and heart attacks, so a little weight gain should not deter smokers kick the habit, but they say they lack the will to get away from this vice.  We should know what Krishna's volition is, and act accordingly to it.  If we get that Krishna draw us strongly towards Him, there is no vice or habit that can oppose to His will. 

We must learn to surrender. We must learn to be servants. That is the meaning of Radhasthami.  For Sri Radha is the queen of surrender.  She is the queen of going in the right direction, in the good direction.  Queen of those dedicated to serve the will of Krishna.  We pray to her to remove our doubts.  “Oh, Srimati Radharani, destroy my enemy ego , my traitor, uncooperative ego!  Destroy this suspicious, unhappy and challenging attitude!  Teach me to be always satisfied in the divine service.  In Your field there is no lamentation or complaint. There is only endless enthusiasm.  You do not measure profits.  Your only calculation comes from your side; You only measure just how much You are giving.”  Thus, following in Her footsteps, we enter into the daring group of servants, with our triumphant queen Srimati Radharani.

Śrīla Atulananda Ācārya :
“Sri Radhastami”

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