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ANY FAVORS BY LETTING THEM DRINK - Young teens who are allowed to drink alcohol under adult supervision don’t learn about responsible drinking and actually drink more as they get older, a new study says.  Some parents believe that supervising their teens while they drink small amounts of alcohol will teach them to drink responsibly, according to the authors of the study published in the May issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.  Researchers followed more than 1,900 teens in Washington state (USA) and Victoria, Australia, as they progressed from seventh to ninth grade. The children were asked about their alcohol use, alcohol-related problems, and how often they drank alcohol with an adult present.  By eighth grade, about 67 % of the Australian teens and 35 % of the American teens had drunk alcohol with an adult present, a difference that reflects general cultural attitudes in the two countries.

By ninth grade, 36 % of Australian teens and 21 % of American teens had already experienced alcohol-related consequences such as not being able to stop drinking, having blackouts and getting into fights, the study found.  
Teens in both countries who were allowed to drink under adult supervision had higher levels of alcohol use and were more likely to have experienced alcohol-related consequences by ninth grade.  The findings suggest that parents should not permit young teens to drink any alcohol, even under adult supervision, the researchers said.

A new study shows that teens that drink under adult supervising are more likely to develop problems with alcohol than kids who aren’t allowed to touch the stuff till they hit age 21.  “Kids need parents to be parents and not drinking buddies,” lead researcher Barbara J. McMorris, of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. “Adults need to be clear about what messages they are sending.”  The study makes it clear that unfortunately for social reasons, from a very young age people begin to consume alcohol, but at least you should not be drinking with your children.  

Intoxicants - tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine - rage through the minds and bodies of young people practically everywhere. ... Children are taking intoxicants at younger ages, and use is increasing. Modern society knows that intoxication brings crime, cruelty, illness, laziness, accidents, family breakups, and early death. But what can we do to stop it? Influenced by the mode of passion, kids use intoxicants for social acceptance. In fact, mild forms of intoxication are so much a part of the world today, regardless of the country or culture. ... We can keep or save our children from intoxicants first by giving them thorough knowledge of the purpose and plan of creation. From a young age, a child should know that he or she is a pure soul, capable of achieving unlimited spiritual happiness in love of Krishna, both in this life and beyond.

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