Sunday, July 18, 2010


( - Researchers, at Manchester Metropolitan University, published a new study that answers why women, who frequently use high-heeled footwear, find it painful and uncomfortable to use flat footwear. The study, revealed that high-heeler women suffer from shorter calf muscles and thicker tendons. These deformations result from the fact that the high-heel shoes lessen the space between the knee and the ankle, forcing the calf muscle to shrink. The regular use of high heels prevents the calf muscles from retaining its previous normal position. Women taking part in this study aged between 20 to 40 years old. Professor Marco Narici, the lead researcher working on this new study, stated, “If you wear high heels for two years or more, five times a week, muscle fibres will become shorter and tendons will thicken and stiffen”. Experts added that the damages are permanent, but extreme deformation can be avoided provided women employed repeated stretching exercises and avoided their high heel shoes for sometime during the day.

Statistics showed that the high heeler women have calf muscles 13% shorter than women who avoid high heels. The Journal of Experimental Biology study also found high heels led to stiffer tendons in the calf. An MRI scan showed that there was no difference in the size of the calf muscles in the heel wearers compared with a group of women who wore flat shoes. But an ultrasound scan revealed that the muscle fibres were indeed shorter in the women who wore heels. In the final part of the study, researchers found that the high-heel wearers’ tendons were much thicker and stiffer than in those who stuck to flat shoes. This causes discomfort when walking on flat feet because the tendon cannot stretch sufficiently. “Fashion is intended to be uncomfortable and none of the women in the study planned to give up their high heels,” Professor Narici said.

Our society is constantly urging us to be people of fiction. Especially women are taught that they must comply with the parameters of beauty imposed by this consumer society and that they should “show” publicly their attractive body. This requirement of being “fashionable” is because there is no consciousness of seeking spirituality.

This world is full of trickery .... Smart people invest in something solid, we invest our time in something solid, if you say “Krishna” this is eternal benefit, if you read the Bhagavad Gita is eternal benefit, if you talk about Krishna, if you listen to Krishna, if you eat food offered to Krishna, all of these have a result that is eternal. So first there is a struggle because we have to leave this world of addiction, into which we have raised as addicts; we are addicted to TV, to fashion, to vanity; people take it as normal, and due to forget what is superior, which is inferior becomes very important. ... All that is true is forgotten; you have acquired this human body by making a lot of sacrifices, and the idea is that you put an end to all suffering.

Śrīla Atulananda Ācārya :
“We have Forgotten the Essence”

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