Saturday, July 10, 2010


YAKAGHUND (AP) – The men and women wailed, stood stunned or wearily sifted through the rubble Saturday for bodies, survivors and answers. Only one thing seemed certain: In the end, the two suicide bombers who killed 104 people in this village didn’t bother to discriminate among their victims. Though anti-Taliban tribal elders meeting officials in a government office may have been the target, it was dozens of ordinary civilians in the Mohmand tribal region who bore the brunt of the strike, Pakistan’s deadliest this year. Many had come to the site to receive donated food, goods, wheelchairs and other aid to the needy, when the bombs went off Friday. The attack showed that Islamist extremists remain a deadly force along Pakistan’s northwest border with Afghanistan, even when barraged by army offensives or drone-fired U.S. missiles. Pakistani Taliban spokesman Akramullah Mohmand claimed responsibility for the attack, which also wounded 168 people in the village of Yakaghund, which has a population of about 4,000 and some 70 to 80 shops were damaged or destroyed.

This attack happened on the edge of Pakistan’s tribal belt, the northwest regions which have been dealing with Al-Qaida and Taliban violence for years. The Friday attack was the third this year to kill more than 90 people, and it was the worst attack in the country since a car bombing killed 112 people at a crowded market in the main northwest city of Peshawar last October. People on Saturday kept up the search through the piles of brick and rubble left behind. At least 15 people were still believed to be trapped somewhere beneath, said Ibrahim Khan, a local security official who gave the latest casualty tolls.

The attackers wanted to kill tribal leaders gathered at the regional administrator's office, but instead killed and wounded many people (several women and children) who were receiving food aid in a nearby office. Attackers kill themselves and kill many innocent people for God's sake. Is that true love for God?

Love for God is not just for him, this love also consists in seeking the greatest good for oneself and others. Because it is also necessary to love oneself, in the sense that one also wants to be pleasing to God. The one who despises and hurts himself, is not happy neither he nor makes others happy. The person who wants to progress into the true love, struggling not to be selfish and not cause harm to anyone nor himself, he helps to himself and helps others. This is the absolute good and absolute love. Without God in the center, we can not speak of love. ... Many people are disappointed thinking that nobody loves them. Why do they forget the love of God and the saints? The fact is that they want to insist on the degraded and dirty love. In the love of God, the love to yourself and everyone else is already included. But if there is no such love for God, we should not rely on that false label of love.

Śrīla Atulananda Ācārya :
“Gurudeva’s Words”
“The love of God and to Others”

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