Saturday, June 5, 2010


WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY - Today, June 5, is World Environment Day (WED). It is celebrated with its global theme of “Many species, One Planet, One Future,” by the Centre for Environment Education (CEE). Through this day, United Nations ‘stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.’ The theme was chosen to support this year’s International Biodiversity declared by the United Nations. The World Environment Day (WED) is held every year on June 5 since 1972 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The WED is dedicated to the most important positive environmental action days and is widely celebrated around the world. Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, an East African country is the host country for WED 2010. WED 2010 is directed to be the biggest WED celebration ever. UNEP has chosen Rwanda as host for its environmental treasures, including rare species and economically important as the mountain gorilla, but also because of the will pioneer in terms of ecology, expressed in its development policies and respect for the environment.

Rwanda is a country in transition towards a green economy; it is already internationally recognized for banning the use and manufacture of plastic bags for cleaning its national campaigns and the establishment of a corridor of protection for chimpanzees. The goals of this World Environment Day are: Giving a human face to environmental problems; Bring people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development; Promote understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes regarding environmental problems; Defending the partnership which will ensure all nations and all peoples enjoy a safer future and more prosperous.

World Environment Day was designed to give a human face to environmental issues, empower people to become active agents of sustainable development, so go ahead and feel free to plant a tree, cleanup your neighborhood, say no to plastic bags, walk to get to work, go on a cycle, or use public conveyance; and stop wastage of water, because every drop counts.

The environment means nature, and whose nature is it? It is God’s nature. Did anyone else create it? Did anyone else put it all together so that it operates the way it does? In fact, mankind is still trying to figure out all the intricacies of its functionality. As everything is created from the Supreme Creator, then we should certainly have a high regard for everything as the expansion of God’s energies. This not only includes all of our fellow men, but all creatures, as well as all aspects of the planet. We should also see that even the Earth is a living being, full of life. The globe is a mother to us since she supplies all that we need. ... How she reciprocates with us in regard to what she provides depends on how we treat, honor and care for her.

Stephen Knapp (Nandanandana dasa)
“Environmentalism According to the Vedic View”

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