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WOMAN CHARGED FOR ADULTERY The Islamic State group currently ravaging Iraq and Syria has shocked the world again with its horrific execution videos – this time by allegedly throwing blindfolded men off a roof as punishment for their sexual orientation. Images of the execution surfaced two days ago on jihadist websites, and claimed the men were found "convicted" of homosexual acts. The group's radical interpretation of Islamic law, "engaging in homosexual activities" is a capital crime. 
One of the images shows a large crowd gathering at the bottom of a large tower to witness the execution of two men. The masked Islamic State executioner details their crimes, declares them guilty of homosexuality and sentences them to death.

The two men are seen with blindfolds at the top of a building being held by two ISIS members before being thrown off the building, after having been “convicted” of being homosexual. The “sentence” was imposed under a provision of the law that requires “execution of prescribed penalties against all those who commit an act against Lot’s nation,” according to the ISIS website. 
Another photograph posted on ISIS’s official website shows two men being crucified on charges of being thieves. An ISIS member reads the charges against the two alleged thieves out loud before they are then shot by other ISIS militants in the head. ISIS also published a photo showing a woman draped in an all-black niqab standing in front of an ISIS member, about to be stoned to death on an accusation of infidelity.

The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has posted graphic photographs showing the brutal execution of four men and one woman on charges of homosexuality, theft, and infidelity to Islam. These images, circulating on jihadist websites, show Islamic State group terrorists executing gay men by throwing them off roof with large crowd watching. Isis has recently published a penal code listing crimes punishable by amputation, stoning and crucifixion, along with a chilling vow to ensure the code is vigilantly enforced in areas under its control. Since ISIS proclaimed itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it has committed numerous crimes and human rights abuses which have been condemned by the world, precipitating a military response against the self-proclaimed state by several countries including the United States and Morocco. In Kali-yuga all people quickly have become degraded. We must be very careful because Aghasura (the snake demon) who represents cruelty and violence, is back among us. Today most people perform inferior activities for sense enjoyment and enjoy doing or seeing cruelty done to defenseless living things. Even the priestly class is degraded. Giving up brahminical behavior, many brahmanas take pleasure in malice and envy, others develop desire of pecuniary gain and many others want their own worldly honour or fame; so if they do wrong, then why mention the other members of different sections of this multiple and varied modern society. Our spiritual masters have taught us that we have to make changes in this corrupt society, and “we have to start with ourselves, because it is almost impossible to change others. One person or the whole world would change if we were capable to inspire them with our own example.” We must become loving toward other living beings and try to serve God in the company of selfless devotees, regardless of what section of society they come from. (Editor's note).

We have to become activists of the good. There is so much garbage, so much cruelty that has to stop. Modern man has become insensible; anaesthetised by intoxication and consumption, the "human being" prefers the bad, so that he even forgets his own best and directly or indirectly becomes responsible for the corrupt society. ... With the help from each and everyone, we will make progress. Let us conquer land here in this crazy world, soul by soul, consciousness by consciousness. Let us be compromised with the truth. Let us respect the faith of everyone, as long as they do not harm others. Truth is love, and one has to produce more love; love for God and all His creation; love and gratefulness to Mother Earth; love for the animals; goodness and compassion for the defenseless. It just takes conscience, which actually does not even pain anymore.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
“Conscience - Even If It Pains”
“Vedic Wisdom Collection”

Published by dasavatara das - “Vedic Views on World News”

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