Tuesday, February 5, 2013


www.classichitsandoldies.com In a new Huffington Post blog, Paul McCartney discusses his commitment to vegetarianism and his involvement in the new ad campaign promoting his late wife Linda‘s line of chilled, meat-free meals.  The former Beatle begins the piece by admitting that “growing up in Liverpool, I would have thought of a vegetarian as a wimp.  We could be a prejudiced bunch at times but I’m not sure people would automatically think like that these days.” 
He then notes that he thinks it’s great that there’s “definitely now an overall greater acceptance of being vegetarian,” while pointing out that restaurants and supermarkets are offering more meat-free choices. McCartney goes on to praise his late wife for playing a “massive part” in promoting the vegetarian lifestyle through her Linda McCartney Foods line, which he says “kick-started a revolution of choice in the food industry.”

Discussing the new animated commercial for the brand, which features a new version of McCartney’s 1971 tune “Heart of the Country,” the rock legend says he and his family “wanted to create something really special…that really captured the spirit of Linda and what she loved and what she was all about.” 
The McCartneys collaborated on the project with Passion Pictures, which also worked on the Beatles’ Rock Band game, and Sir Paul also reveals that his son-in-law Simon Aboud - his daughter Mary‘s husband - served as creative director. “I love the animation and the way we are portrayed as different characters, especially the way some of us are given quirky animal personas,” declares McCartney.  “I think [Linda] would have highly approved of this, as it shows her looking after her family and all the animals at the same time.” He adds, “We were also lucky enough to get Elvis Costello to do the voiceover,” pointing out that his fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer “is an old family friend and someone who knew Linda well.”

Last month it was announced the launch of the Linda McCartney Foods new range of chilled meat free foods. The new chilled range of products complements the existing line of frozen foods under the Linda McCartney® brand and is available in the United Kingdom from select retailers. The McCartney family has long been a pioneering name at the heart of shaping the face of a meat free diet and vegetarianism, not only in the United Kingdom but across the world.  Inspired by their mother Linda McCartney , the family has pledged to continue her legacy of driving awareness around the importance of meat reduction. The Meat Free Monday campaign has been pivotal in putting an international spotlight on vegetarianism. We must support large-scale vegetarianism because it is the truly compassionate way of living.

Pure and wholesome vegetarian foods are what is needed for our own refinement, health, strength, and happiness; while other kinds of food cause pain, suffering and disease.  Furthermore, we can see that the process of preparing and eating food is also a part of the Vedic system for making spiritual advancement. As the Vedic literature explains, what we eat is an important factor in the process of purifying ourselves and remaining free from accumulating bad karma. It actually is not so difficult to be vegetarian, and it gives one a much higher taste in eating and in one’s spiritual realizations. The level of our consciousness is also determined not only by what we think and do, but also by the vibrational level of what we put into our bodies as food. The more natural and peaceful the food, the more healthy and peaceful will be our consciousness.

Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
“Vegetarianism: Recommended in Vedic Scripture”

Published by dasavatara das - "Vedic Views on World News"


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