Wednesday, September 19, 2012


OF 38 BEFORE DYING ON ROAD - A school bus driver steered a bus carrying 38 students to safety while dying of a reported heart attack yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan. Lee Chih-ming (Li Zhi-ming), 60, was driving a school bus full of students from Shu-te Home Economics and Commercial High School through the intersection of Jhengjhong Road and Jianwu Road in Greater Kaohsiung’s Sanmin District when the bus began to swerve to the right after he is said to have suffered an acute myocardial infarction. The bus then sideswiped a minivan belonging to a local resident, surnamed Ho, parked at 165 Jianwu Rd and seven more parked motorcycles before coming to a stop in front of a residence at 93 Jianwu Rd. Luckily, there were no moving vehicles or pedestrians on the stretch of road at the time. No other injuries or deaths were reported, while Lee, who reportedly died after ensuring the safety of the students, was the only fatality. Ho said when he saw his car he thought it was the result of a hit-and-run accident and so hopped on his motorcycle to chase Lee down, only to find Lee slowly bringing the bus to a stop, carefully avoiding any heavily traveled roads before he stopped in front of a private residence with no one present.

“No other casualties or injuries were caused. That was very responsible of him [Lee],” Ho said. The owner of a nearby oyster noodle stand, surnamed Lin, said he attempted to wake Lee up by slapping him in the face through the car window, but Lee was unconscious, though still breathing. One of the students said his and his schoolmates were clueless as to what was happening to the driver when the bus started swerving right and hitting parked vehicles. “We only knew that the bus was traveling at an extremely slow speed, and kept bumping into automobiles on the side of the road. Everyone was confused because we were all sitting on the upper deck,” the student said, adding that they followed instructions to pry open an emergency door. School authorities said Lee had served as a bus driver for the school for approximately a year, and that all 38 students had returned to classes after they were cleared of emotional shock.  Kaohsiung City Government’s Fire Bureau Dachang Branch said Lee, who did not show any vital signs at the time, was rushed to a hospital after firefighters removed him from the bus through an emergency door. Lee was pronounced dead after emergency treatment failed to resuscitate him, the branch said.

Bus driver Lee Chih-ming (Li Zhi-ming) of Shu-Te Home-Economics Commercial High School in Taipei (Taiwan), suffered a sudden death while driving 38 students to school. In his last moments, Li fought death to ensure the safety of the students as he switched to neutral and wrapped his arm around the steering wheel firmly so that the vehicle would keep to the right to prevent a bad accident. All 38 students on the bus were unscathed and safely evacuated. “I am truly grateful to the driver, who, despite being at the last moment of his life, fought to keep us safe. He was a courageous man,” said Hsieh Min-cheng, a student who sat in the back of the bus during the accident. This example of responsible behaviour towards others should encourage us to serve one another and eradicate our self-centered and self-interested mundane life.

Let us put aside all selfish interests. Consciousness is to serve others, and you have to sacrifice something of your own for others' well-being; many people are suffering in this world. You have the power of change. We want that everyone becomes conscious and teaches by his own example. We think that the duty of the humanity is to search the truth and to practice it.  Never forget that we have to be a part of the solution by talking and acting. We believe in simple living and high thinking. Each person should be disposed to sacrifice a part of his energy and put it toward serving others in different social services like help in hospitals, distributing food to people who do not have any, education, etc. It is a lot that we have to be, but conscious. ... We believe that all people, who have certain knowledge, wealth or some other distinguishing capacity, should be conscious about their personal conduct and be disposed to utilize their advantages to protect and serve those less fortunate.

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