Thursday, December 15, 2011


OF ARYAN INVASION, SAYS STUDY - Widely believed theory of Indo-Aryan invasion, often used to explain early settlements in the Indian subcontinent is a myth, a new study by Indian geneticists says.  The origin of genetic diversity found in South Asia is much older than 3,500 years when the Indo-Aryans were supposed to have migrated to India, a new study from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, says. The theory of Indo-Aryan migration was proposed in mid-19th century by German linguist and Sanskrit scholar Max Muller.  He had suggested that 3,500 years ago, a dramatic migration of Indo-European speakers from Central Asia played a key role in shaping contemporary South Asian populations and this was responsible for introduction of the Indo-European language family and the caste system in India.

“Our study clearly shows that there was no genetic influx 3,500 years ago,” said Dr Kumarasamy Thangaraj of CCMB, who led the research team, with scientists from the University of Tartu, Estonia, Chettinad Academy of Research and Education, Chennai and Banaras Hindu University. “It is high time we re-write India’s prehistory based on scientific evidence,” said Dr Lalji Singh, former director of CCMB. “There is no genetic evidence that Indo-Aryans invaded or migrated to India or even something such as Aryans existed”.  “The genetic component which spread beyond India is significantly higher in India than in any other part of world. This implies that this genetic component originated in India and then spread to West Asia and Caucasus,” said Gyaneshwar Chaube of University of Tartu, Estonia. The study appeared in American Journal of Human Genetics on Friday.

The Aryan Invasion Theory, which deprives the inhabitants of India of their Vedic heritage, is a myth. Many archaeological findings have challenged this theory.  Researchers analysed some 600.000 bits of genetic information in the form of SNPs drawn from DNA of over 1,300 individuals from 112 populations including 30 ethnic groups in India.  The comparison of this data showed the existence of a genetic component originated in India and then spread to West Asia and Caucasus.
The early Indologists: Devised the Aryan Invasion theory, denying India’s Vedic past.  They taught that the English educational system is superior.  They intentionally misinterpreted sanskrit texts to make the Vedas look primitive.  And they systematically tried to make Indians ashamed of their own culture.  Thus the actions of these Indologists seem to indicate that they were motivated by a racial bias. Innumerable archaeological findings and their analysis have recently brought the Aryan Invasion Theory into serious question. This theory is still taught as fact in many educational systems despite much contrary evidence. ... Max Muller, the principal architect of the Aryan Invasion theory, admitted the purely speculative nature of his Vedic chronology.

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Truth1 said...

Well. They have found Caucasian mummies over 4,000 years old, perfectly preserved in central China associated with pyramids there. Seems like people are trying to deny Ancient Aryan civilizations. Trying to destroy real history.