Saturday, December 24, 2011


CHIEF WANTED BY INTERPOL - Interpol is seeking the arrest of Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of a French company whose breast implants are at the centre of a global health scare.  The international police agency has issued a so-called red notice for Mas.  His firm Poly Implant Protheses (PIP), which went into administration last year, supplied implants to tens of thousands of women in Europe and South America.  Interpol’s website says the 72-year-old is wanted by Costa Rican authorities for crimes involving “life and health” but gives no further details.  France has offered to pay for an estimated 30,000 women in the country to have their PIP implants removed because of risks the products could rupture and leak industrial-grade silicone.  Faulty breast implants made by PIP could rupture dangerously.

They are filled with an unapproved non-medical grade material - believed to be made for mattresses - and there have been reports that the protective barriers are faulty.  At least 40,000 British women are believed to have the implants.  But the Department of Health said it was not echoing the French advice and that there was “no evidence” of a safety concern.  Chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies said: “Women with PIP implants should not be unduly worried. We have no evidence of a link to cancer or an increased risk of rupture.  “If women are concerned, they should speak to their surgeon. I will be writing to GPs so that they are aware of the concerns women may have and can talk them through with their patients.  More than 270 women in the UK reportedly intend to sue the clinics where they were fitted with PIP implants.  The use of PIP implants are now banned.

Jean-Claude Mas is the founder of PIP whose breast implants are at the centre of a global health scare.  Women around the world have PIP's implants. The silicone inside the implants is not medical grade, it was intended for use in mattresses, and implant covers have high risk of rupturing. It is good that women like to look good, but images in the public space and magazines that push fantasy bodies make them almost despise their own bodies, and then some turn to the knife to increase their self-esteem.
Self-esteem is the proper validation that we have of our identity and our potentials, which permits us to progress positively in our familiar social surroundings.  Many people suffer from low self-esteem, from an absence of happiness, and from a failure to find meaning in their lives.  Consider the competitive and consumeristic life style of modern society that has created false principles and values in determining the success of a person.  In reality, the importance of a human being is relative to the quality and generosity of the objectives that they pursue. ... The study of the philosophy of the Vedas permits us to find in our own reality the main justification to have permanent self-esteem.  Having the consciousness that a Creator, a Superior being exists it is what gives real value to our existence.

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