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If you eat chicken raised commercially in the United States, you are most likely consuming arsenic. A study by Environmental Health Perspectives has found that a growth-promoting drug called roxarsone, which also treats parasites in the birds’ intestines and gives the meat a pink color, accumulates in the breast meat of broiler chickens. Roxarsone, manufactured by Pfizer, is an organic form of arsenic. Its use was approved by the FDA even though arsenic is a known carcinogen.
After a study by the Food and Drug Administration found elevated levels of inorganic arsenic (iAs) in the livers of roxarsone-treated chicken in 2011, Pfizer voluntarily pulled the drug off the U.S. market. But the FDA has not acted to ban it, and it is still sold overseas.

The study was conducted prior to Pfizer’s removing the drug, but the results have just been released. After roxarsone was pulled by Pfizer, chicken producers replaced it with nitarsone, another organic arsenic, indicating the results of the study are still relevant. The study’s authors analyzed chicken breast meat samples which came from 82 stores in 10 U.S. metropolitan areas. According to the study, cooked conventional chicken meat contained the highest amount of iAs. Cooked organic chicken meat had the lowest. Organic chicken most likely ingested arsenic through the water supply, the study’s authors suggested. 
A risk analysis performed by the study’s authors estimated that, based on the amount of chicken consumed over the average 70-year lifespan, there will be approximately 124 more cancers per year in the U.S. if arsenic-related drugs aren’t pulled from the market.

The first advice we can give all of you it that if you consume chicken, it is best to find locally raised, free-range organic chicken rather than that mass-produced by the large chicken producers. Three of four arsenic drugs used in animal feed have been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Yes, that's right - that means that up until now, arsenic was used in animal feed. The drugs - roxarsone, carbarsone and arsanilic acid - were added to feed for chicken, turkeys and pigs to prevent disease and promote growth and a "healthy" pink hue. However, recent studies showed levels of arsenic in chicken are on the rise. It has been proved that the drugs added to feed animals along with all the germs and parasites found in meat weaken the immune system and are the source of many diseases. What we eat is very important for our health. More recently, medical research has found that a properly balanced vegetarian diet may, in fact, be the healthiest diet. Apart from considerations regarding health, most importantly, we must understand that if you want to eat meat an animal must be killed, and is an act of cruelty to kill innocent beings just to satisfy our tongue. Living compassionate, living cruelty-free is possible. Make the decision today and say NO to meat on your plate. (Editor's note).

The government and the food industry are trying to divert attention from the escalating problem of meat contamination by telling the consumer it is his own fault that these incidents happen. It is very obvious that they want to avoid hefty lawsuits, and bad-mouthing of the meat industry. They insist that dangerous bacterial outbreaks occur because the consumer does not cook the family's meat long enough. It is now considered a crime to serve a rare hamburger. Even if you have not committed this “crime,” any infection will be attributed to not washing your hands every time you touch a raw chicken or to letting the chicken touch your kitchen counter or any other food. ...Yet, with all the research proving that meat-consumption harms and kills millions of people each year, meat continues to be sold in all grocery stores.

Association for Promotion of
Vegetarian Life and Indian Culture
"Eating Meat Kills People"
Sri Sri Nitai Gauracandra mandir - Karlovac - Croatia

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