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http://edition.cnn.com - Despite food safety measures, the threat of foodborne illness remains in meat and produce - and some types of illness are on the rise. About 48 million people contract some form of food poisoning each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Salmonella remained the top cause of foodborne illness last year, according to the CDC's 2012 report card on food poisoning. However, the overall instance of Salmonella was unchanged from the 2006-08 data, the agency said.
The report card is based on reports from 10 U.S. regions, representing about 15% of the country. The second most common cause of illness was Campylobacter, which increased 14% over the 2006-08 data, the CDC said.

Campylobacter lives on live chickens and can taint meat during slaughter; it can also be found in raw, unpasteurized milk. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has an online reporting tool for those who think they might have a foodborne illness. “We applaud (Center for Science in the Public Interest) CSPI's ongoing efforts to educate consumers about food safety,” Dr. Elisabeth Hagen, the USDA's undersecretary for food safety, said in a statement.
“While we have made progress in making food safer - including cutting E. coli O157-related illnesses in half - we still have work to do. As Salmonella rates continue to stagnate, we look forward to CSPI's support, and the support of other groups committed to food safety, of our efforts to reduce this dangerous foodborne pathogen, including modernization of the poultry inspection system.”

Chicken and ground beef top a list of “risky meat” published by the CSPI. Researchers from this group examined data from foodborne illness outbreaks over a 12-year period and found between 1998 and 2010, meat and poultry products were linked to “at least 1,714 outbreaks involving 33,372 illnesses.” Actually, these figures are just the tip of the iceberg, as many people do not seek medical attention for food poisoning and these cases are not reported. It is also alarming the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are found in chicken, pork and beef sold in supermarkets, which, when ingested by people, drastically reduces the number of options available to the physician to treat humans beings if you are sick. We must understand that fill our plate with the flesh and blood of our little brothers and sisters, the animals, is something that brings horrible reactions for both consumer health and for the planet's ecological situation. We must stop killing innocent animals and give an opportunity to the environment, by eating only healthy, organic food which has been produced with respect to animals and Mother Nature. (Editor's note).

In “Modern Meat,” Frontline speaks with numerous scientists and industry observers who raise serious concerns about today’s meat production system.  With large numbers of animals being raised together in huge feedlots covered with feces, they say, it’s easy for bacteria to spread from one animal to another.  “Cows tend to produce feces [and] feces is primarily bacteria,” says Glen Morris, a microbiologist at the University of Maryland and a former USDA official.  When those bacteria are spread around, there’s ample opportunity for bacteria to be spread from one cow to the next.  “In the larger feedlots,” he adds, “there’s a greater chance for the passage of microorganisms back and forth.  All of that contributes to the spread of microorganisms like E. Coli.” ... The consequences of bacterial contamination can be deadly.

Dr Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
“The Dangers of Meat”
“Modern Meat: A PBS Frontline Documentary”

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Arnold Brame said...

The chances of getting food poisoning increases with the number of times you eat cold meat. Always keep in mind that eating piping hot food prevents you from food poisoning.

Arnold Brame
Health And Safety Consultant Peterborough

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