Monday, June 11, 2012

Announcement III

Dear Readers,
Please accept my humble dandabats.
As my daughter, Gopinath seva d.d., has been reported previously, on last April 21 I have suffered a traffic accident while driving my bike, as a result I have fractures in the leg, I had a very delicate surgery because there was danger of amputation and I'm still in bed. Doctors have put splints and screws into my lego and I can not walk or support myself on this leg for several months. I continue taking strong medicines.

I am away from my Deities, house, books, computer and affections. As I wish to continue writing these blogs even from the bed, BV Giri Swami Maharaja travelled to this city from Buenos Aires and he has lent me a netbook and thanks to Sri Krishna during this weekend I got a temporary connection to the Internet. As long as this web connection is mantained I will try to continue to provide some service from where I am now living.

My spiritual master is always executing tremendous tasks on behalf of Krsna. My gurudevas and my god-brothers are full time preachers also on behalf of all Vaishnavas around the world. That is their occupational duty Their glorious actions inspire me to follow in this tiny effort to attempt to serve them by these blogs of news with a Vedic viewpoint, in English as well in Spanish.

In order to try to please my Gurudevas, the Vaishnavas and all of you, my dear readers, today I am resuming the task of daily posting news and I will attempt to do this service to the best of my ability.

So, thank you for your support by reading and commenting the posts.
I hope this post meets all you well.
Hare Krishna.

Trying to serve,
dasavatara das

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