Sunday, April 1, 2012


DEPRESSING, STUDY CONFIRMS - We have all enjoyed eating those deep fried potato chips, flavoured wafers and meat burgers as well as those creamy cakes, doughnuts and pizzas. But you might now want to do a re-think when you reach for your ‘couch potato’ or ‘work cubicle’ fare. Fast food is linked to depression, says a study. The findings revealed an eye-opening health warning. According to the recent study headed by scientists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada, the results showed that consumers of fast food, compared to those who eat little or none, are 51 per cent more likely to develop depression. That apart, a ‘dose-response’ relationship was observed. What this means is that ‘the more fast food you consume, the greater the risk of depression,’ explained Almudena Sanchez-Villegas, lead author of the study.

The study throws light on the personality of the person consuming such fast food and explained that those participants who eat the most fast food and commercial baked goods are more likely to be single, less active and have poor dietary habits, which include eating less fruit, nuts, fish, vegetables and olive oil. Smoking and working more than 45 hours per week are other prevalent characteristics of this group. Naturally this leaves little room for a healthy, attractive persona. The study has been published in the Public Health Nutrition journal. “This is certainly true. Eating unhealthily can make you sad. Such fast foods contain trans fats and saturated fats could contribute to depression. Cutting down in high sugary foods and sugary drinks also in your work day can lead to lesser mood swings at work,” says dietician Nisha Jadhav, Mumbai.

Researchers have found an association between chowing down on fast food burgers or having your morning doughnut and the risk of depression. The study reports that eating these and similar foods increase the risk of developing depression by 51%.  Further, those who ate more of these fast foods were more likely to lead less active lives, be single, and eat poorly overall. Regarding the food, people are more interested in their shape and on losing weight than adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Life is the wonderful opportunity to know the truth, to live the truth and to know its Creator. The objective of the human life is to know our real identity, and to serve it with all attention. The simple life and high thoughts are the true values of life. Foods should be prepared with a correct conscience. Real life is gratitude toward the supreme truth. ... A healthy life is manifested internally and externally. We all are maintained by the Creator, through Mother Earth. We should feel gratitude for her and manifest compassion for those that need our help. That will provide us with happiness and with peace. The healthy life is purifying and honest. The most beautiful gifts that she gives us cannot be bought. A natural life is one that unites all the elements and maintains them in total harmony, achieving an integral well-being.

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