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FOR SCHOOL HARASSMENT, ARGENTINA - Victor Feletto was 12 years old. He lived in Temperley, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was the one who carries the national flag at the school, but he did not like gymnastics because his teammates made fun of him because of his physique. Last Tuesday he was pushed during gym class and hit the shoulder. Three days later, Victor’s mother went to school to discuss her child’s bruises due to that push, and ask if he could be authorized to pursue other subject instead of gymnastics. The director said that “physical education was a one of the official subjects” and that the boy would have to do it. When Victor arrived home, he asked what the director said. “She said you must keep going,” replied her grandmother. Victor sat on the bed, turned off the light and began to watch cartoons on TV. The grandmother went to heat the mash. After a few minutes they heard the shot. Victor had taken from a wardrobe a 22-gauge gun which belongs to his grandfather, a former safety employee. It is thought that the child would have taken the drastic step due to the abuse he received from his colleagues in the school he attended.

According to police sources, the child shot himself after being warned by the authorities of his school, that if he did not attend Physical Education classes, he could repeat the year. As the outraged relatives of the victim said, “he was constantly mocked and beaten by his peers for his physical appearance.”  José Feletto, Victor’s grandfather told to journalists, the boy was the constant object of ridicule from his peers. “The school is to blame. They are responsible, he was killed by the school,” he said. The boy’s death occurred at the home of his grandparents; when his family found Victor in his bedroom quickly moved him to Gandulfo hospital, but he had lost his life. The disconsolate man said “Victor always felt bad because the other boys beat him and laughed at him, and he was not used to much physical exercise.”  Few days before his death, the grandfather had spoken to him about it and “I promised him that I would go to see his teachers and the school’s director, Victor was crying and said not to worry, but then I couldn’t imagine what he did ... I do not know how we will overcome this misfortune.”

A sad news that makes us reconsider the simple fact that not all of us are born to perform physical activities or sports.  With thousands of educational alternatives that meet the child's need, to force him or her to participate in activities where his or her teammates tease these children is regrettable. Teachers must be prepared to address these differences and not let things just happen. While you're reading this, a child is being abused by his or her classmates. Say NO to bullying!

The sage Canakya, whose proverbs Srila Prabhupda would often quote, tested a person’s education by three questions - questions of character and ethics. ... “atmavat sarva-bhutesu”: an educated person sees other living creatures as he sees himself. Following the golden rule, he treats others as he wants to be treated. “Others” does not mean just one’s own family, one’s fellow citizens, or even just other human beings. As Srila Prabhupada would point out, even cruel, fierce animals such as tigers love their own cubs. ... Krishna defines a learned person as one who sees all living beings spiritually as part of Him. And Krishna says that ultimately a wise person surrenders to Him, seeing Him as all there is. Unfortunately, in this Dark Age of Kali thousands of schools award diplomas without considering the ethical and spiritual character of their students.

Śrīmati Urmila devi dasi :
“Real Education” - Sep 29 2006

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The boy’s death occurred at the home of his grandparents; when his family found Victor in his bedroom quickly moved him to Gandulfo hospital, but he had lost his life.