Thursday, March 10, 2011


Los Angeles - Millions of dead sardines are clogging a marina in Redondo Beach, a city south of Los Angeles, and nobody knows precisely what caused the mass die-off, U.S. media outlets reported.  All day Tuesday, local television covered the efforts of authorities to clean up the area and explain the surprising situation, which made for memorable sights such as dozens of boats literally floating on a sea of dead fish a foot deep, the Los Angeles Times said in a story posted on its Web site.  Preliminary reports by experts suggest ‘deprivation of oxygen’ as the cause of the fish kill, but so far proof is lacking that the situation has an ‘environmental’ cause, officials in Redondo Beach said.
In principle, the massive gathering of fish in a relatively small enclosed area could result in a lack of oxygen in the water there, but officials with the local city hall said that they are conducting tests of the water in the marina to determine if there might be toxins, oil or chemicals in the water that could harm sea life.  Although it's not certain yet, the cause might actually be the appearance of an elevated number of algae in the area, if higher concentrations of oxygen in the water can be proven, University of Southern California researchers said.  The massive presence of algae in an area of water results not only in higher oxygen consumption there but also produces toxins that could prove fatal for marine life, USC professor David Caron said.

The millions of fish, mainly sardines but also a few mackerel, initially appeared in the area north of King Harbor Marina.  The fish died from what experts say was an apparent lack of oxygen. Crews worked around the clock and even began vacuuming the dead fish off the surface of the water.  Longtime residents said they've never seen anything like this.  Our present environmental crisis is in essence a spiritual crisis.  The current deplorable ecological conditions demands a spiritual response.

Nothing happens without a cause. According to Science, for every action there is an equal and corresponding reaction.  These are laws of Karma. When humanity exploits the earth and natural resources in a massive worldwide level then we can expect both, from an ecological as well as karmic consideration that there will be reactions.  Real compassion and love is to educate people to collectively love one another and live in harmony with the laws of nature and God. ... In the world today there is such wide spread disregard to our mother Earth and to the laws of morality.  It is Nature’s law that sufferings will come upon human society.  The most important cure to this problem is to help people to clean the ecology of their hearts through living moral lives, prayer and chanting God’s name.

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