Wednesday, August 11, 2010


NEW DELHI (Agency: PTI) - Unveiling a fresh initiative to address the unrest in Kashmir, prime minister Manmohan Singh today urged the people there to “give peace a chance” and promised a sustained “internal and external” dialogue. In his first public comments on the recent trouble in the Valley that has resulted in the death of nearly 50 people, Singh utilised a meeting with political parties from the state to reach out directly to the youth who are in the forefront of the current agitation. The prime minister said the recent events in Kashmir had caused him great pain and he understood the anger and frustration that was bringing the young people on to the streets, but he made it clear that violence must end. “Let us make a new beginning,” he urged and said, “I appeal to the youth to go back to their schools and colleges and allow classes to resume. I ask their parents, what future is there for Kashmir if your children are not educated?”
Singh also made it clear that it was the government’s duty to maintain law and order, and “we cannot allow the turmoil to continue”. Telling the people of Kashmir that the cycle of violence must come to an end and that peace should be given a chance.

The prime minister said he recognised that “the key to the problem is a political solution that addresses the alienation and emotional needs of the people. This can only be achieved through a sustained internal and external dialogue. We are ready for this. We are willing to discuss all issues within the bounds of our democratic processes and framework. But this process can gather momentum and yield results only if there is a prolonged peace,” he said. Singh said that people want a peaceful resolution of all issues.

The border dispute between both countries has been the subject of many armed clashes since the partition of the subcontinent in 1947. During last days, at least 50 people - mostly young men or teenagers - have died in the violence in Kashmir's region. It is necessary to increase employability and offer to the youth: jobs, education and spiritual knowledge which fill their heart with peace.

Now-a-days, we find lack of discipline rampant in every sphere of human life-political, social, economical and even in educational. Student-unrest (youth-unrest) is one of the most serious problems of the day. It is extremely diffcult to proceed with the constructive work when people are prone to indiscipline. To fight against disruptive tendencies and indiscipline, a radical treatment of minds of the people is required. Here we feel the necessity of moral and spiritual values in human life. ... It is something other than the gross and subtle bodies. We consider the body to be the person, as long as we observe consciousness in it. ... If we plunge deep into the matter, we can trace our existence with the Absolute Conscious Principle, whom we call Godhead, the Fountain Source of innumerable conscious units.

Śrīla Bhakti Dayita Madhava Mahārāja :
“Realistic Solution for Diverse Humanity”
Speech at a ‘Spiritual Summit Conference’ - 1968 Calcutta.
Bhaktivedanta Memorial Library -

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